window #3

Window #3

Technique: Watercolour

Original size: 15x15cm

from “marina’s windows” 2011 © Marina Kanavaki

  SHOP window #3  ART PRINT HERE                                                                                                         

[museum quality printing and framing]

Marina’s Art Shop

More Window items at Marina’s Ar Shop

32 Responses to “window #3”
  1. LediaR says:

    Also, thank you for following my blog, Exploration Art. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  2. LediaR says:

    Interesting watercolor. I like the blues and purples used and the way the picture seems to float underwater.

  3. Take me down to the paradice city where….
    the sky is clear and the lavender’s pretty 🙂
    why don’t you please take me home (oh yeah)

  4. frizztext says:

    window associates BRIGHT LIGHT – and your painting too, wonderful!

  5. Blood-Ink-Diary says:

    Marina, it is breath-taking ! Soft, sublime — feeling like the beauty of morning dew dripping…Marina, you are full of life and I adore your work my friend! (But, you know this!!). Love.

  6. Fergiemoto says:

    This is so cheery and beautiful! I feel like I am looking out the window at a vibrant blooming field of lavender soaking up the bright blue sky! Lovely!

  7. Took me back to my summer holidays as a child – love it! Thanks.

  8. rumpydog says:

    This is lovely! I love the choice of such cheery colors. Reminds me of a spring day.

  9. Pattie says:

    This is so pretty!

  10. I was nicely transported to a beautiful place …

  11. I can imagine a lazy afternoon just peering out this window, lost in thoughts. So naturally, I love this. The brightness is beautiful. 🙂

  12. mobius faith says:

    I love this window painting. Beautifully done. Enchanting.

  13. Galicia Futura says:

    I do like it!

  14. bonesdiary says:

    You know I’m a huge fan of your paintings, but especially of the windows. I love sitting on the windowsill watching the world go by, so these paintings really appeal to me.

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