atom flowers #5

Happy 1st of May!

[and happy ALL May!]

Atom Flowers #5

Technique: Watercolour

Original size: 13×13

from “marina’s atom flowers” 2011 © Marina Kanavaki


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Marina’s Art Shop


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  1. Really interesting one here. The X shape made by the leaves at the bottom almost looks like a base, like this could be a robotic flower that ‘deployed’ like a Mars lander… 🙂 But then the yellow tendrils at the top look reminiscent of a cathedral… And the stems seem “smoky”… Lots of stuff going on here imo, more than just flowers! Very interesting work!

  2. As rays of sun, defying the sky, the earth show the beauty of life, for life.
    A watercolor that is worth while, my Lady. You are always good and nicely.
    Congratulations and friendliness

    Ninni Raimondi
    Journalist in Italy

  3. What a lovely offering to role us into the lovely month of May.
    The flowers are so soft and delicate….lovely work, Marina!

  4. Very fitting for May 1st. Interestingly, this year our flowers were about 2 months ahead of schedule – an extremely mild winter led to an early spring. Well done Marina!

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