as above so below #3

As Above So Below #3

Technique: watercolour

Original Size: 34x24cm

detail 1

detail 2

from Marina Kanavaki series “As Above So Below” © 2012


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62 Responses to “as above so below #3”
  1. Kavi says:

    Superb Marina..simply superb!!!

  2. Bumba says:

    You know, I keep wandering about your site, clicking almost randomly. And I always find more beautiful things to look at. And look at again.

  3. sooooo deep! I’m reading lots into this but won’t say unless I’ve got it COMPLETELY wrong! For me though, I love the fact that the ‘alive’ trees are coloured with a ‘bloody’ background whilst the ‘dead’ ones have a clear, calm, albeit it grey background. There’s lots there – would love to know what you were thinking when you did it!

    • I must say I really like your perspective, Ken! I very rarely reveal my thoughts, not because of a vice or something. 2 main reasons: 1. I don’t like to influence the viewer and 2. I’m not good with words! I can tell you that I was thinking of the many aspects within us creating a very unique whole [as above …] Thank you very very much for your wonderful comment.

      • I can understand both those points Marina! Yes, I can see what you say in the picture. It really is one to get you thinking – which is my favourite kind of artwork! For this reason, Munch, Bacon and Picasso are, for me, some of the greatest artists- because they make you think about their work. You did the same here 🙂

        • My favorite too, among others. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your comment and how happy it makes me, as I’ve always enjoyed paintings that make me think. To hear that my work does the same is …moving. Thank you, Ken.

  4. Adam Allegro says:

    Lovely Marina 🙂 Beautiful, peaceful piece of work here.

  5. Bumba says:

    I hadn’t seen these. They are wonderful. The idea of “as above so below” provides a great vehicle for you. But it’s the colors and the grace that are so enchanting.

  6. zorgor says:

    Wow!! That red sky is very powerful! And the underground — or is it a reflection in a still pond — is so peaceful. Yeah, I can’t get this comment done because I keep scrolling back up to look at it!

    • First one was right! Underground or inside or however you wish to look at it… all part of one. Got your comment already and I’m very grateful for it! Thank you!

  7. rumpydog says:

    Adorable… like you’re contrasting summer and fall in the reflection

  8. Claudio's says:

    Wonderfull and sweets colors!!
    One smile for You dear Marina!

  9. Fergiemoto says:

    Amazing! It looks like a fiery sunset, and I love sunsets with deep, vibrant colors like this!

  10. Lindy Lee says:

    Title terrific, watercolors never better; not always commenting but, certainly, always watching & liking your art; what’s the weather like in Athens?…

    • …and I’m very grateful for your kind words, Lindy. Thank you. It’s been rainy but I see a cloud free sky today. Nice and sunny, not too cold, not too warm. Just right! In your[?] country?

  11. Don’t you love photos of details of paintings!? They are so scrumptious!

  12. Binky says:

    Very unique sky!

  13. thesubterraneanworld says:

    This is amazing!

  14. G says:

    SOooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautifullllllllllllll my dear……..wowowowowow…………..!!! Amazing …. most amazing…!

  15. Francina says:

    beautiful , Marina , this mirror view ..
    Ciao, Francina

  16. You’ve taken us to where we cannot see.
    Lovely …

  17. Pink Ninjabi says:

    LOVE the close up of the red and green forestry. It’s like holiday in the summer. LOVE! Keep on creating! You’re phenomenal as an artist. 😀


  18. mobius faith says:

    Really nice addition to the series. Love the colors and shapes.

  19. violetski says:

    Beautiful! Love colours.

  20. Deb says:

    Beautiful Marina! I love the red sky! xo

  21. I am definitely loving your AASB series ~ contemplative and soothing 🙂

  22. dilipnaidu says:

    Beautiful again! Very spirited! Thanks.

  23. I love the concept and colours. Great work! 🙂

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