the woods V multiples

The weekend is near and the dissection, magnification etc of my watercolor is done!

So here is “The Woods V” printed on various items!

the woods V © Marina Kanavaki

Marina’s Art Shop

for home

the_woods_v_milk_bottle   the_woods_v_sugar_container   the_woods_v_round_cocktail_plate

the_woods_v_cookie_jar the_woods_v_teapot the_woods_v_mug the_woods_v_cloth_napkins

the_woods_v_wall_clock    the_woods_v_shower_curtain

the_woods_v_key_hanger   the_woods_v_large_tealight_candle_holder   the_woods_v_small_tealight_candle_holder

the_woods_v_coffee_tray   the_woods_v_picture_frame

the_woods_v_square_cocktail_plate    the_woods_v_square_wine_charm  the_woods_v_square_canvas_pillow

for the office

the_woods_v_wall_clock-1  the_woods_v_canvas_lunch_bag  the_woods_v_journal

clothing & accessories

the_woods_v_messenger_bag   the_woods_v_heart_keychain

the_woods_v_womens_all_over_print_tshirt     the_woods_v_clasp_wallet

the_woods_v_tshirt the_woods_v_silver_round_charm  the_woods_v_tee

for the pet

the_woods_v_pet_bowls  the_woods_v_pet_tag the_woods_v_small_heart_pet_tag the_woods_v_dog_collar

Visit Marina’s Art Shop for more The Woods V and Trees & Forests gifts


Marina’s Art Shop

See also Marina’s calendars

The Woods V – 2013 from her watercolor series: Trees & Forests © Marina Kanavaki


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[museum quality printing and framing]

64 replies »

  1. “The woods are ( indeed) dark and deep” in the colours used as well as the depiction. What were the thoughts in your mind as you picked up the brush and the colours, Marina?


  2. The scent of the forest is a scent of violets dwarf moss wild pitch on the bark of pine trees still wet mixed with the morning breeze and all of a stirred colored leaves of autumn. It ‘nice to walk pei paths recently drawn between the roots of trees on a carpet of pine needles, in the shadows of the forest and watch the sun light filtering through the branches of the trees, accompanied only by the chirping of some thrush.

    This fragrance evokes the primordial freedom, a cry that comes from the essence of our men, and the pure love for all living things, and the wood has a soul, a heart throbbing. In the forest life and death chase to the tune of a sweet melody, a lullaby that voice for the rhythmic beat of the warm heart of our mother earth.

    And if the apparent cloud on the tops of the trees, above the heart, is perhaps the moment of awakening: the world around us to remind us that we are alive and there isn’t only pain.

    You are an artist really good, Lady Marina.


    Ninni Raimondi
    from Gaza, Palestinian territories (or Republic of Palestine ) January 27, 2013

    • I can’t get enough of reading your beautiful “commentary” [more like a poem to me!], again and again and again…
      Utterly grateful and flattered my dear Ninni.
      Thank you is not enough…
      Be well and take good care!

  3. seriously ————- 🙂 Happy Marina – this is beautifullllllllllllllllllllll – i wanna jump in the forest 🙂 lol xxxxxxxxxxx you’re creating such dreamscapes 🙂 amazing …………..xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxox C

  4. Excellent post once again Marina I really your Paintings on the top ,
    Thanks for sharing my friend 🙂

  5. In ‘The Woods’ the treasures are simply felt in utter silence, in sonorous music of the colours.
    Love your ‘woods’, dear Marina! xxxxxxx

  6. You have a way with color combinations! Now let’s see how a free online translation works …. Η ζωγραφική είναι απολαυστική.

  7. As I said before …. just love the color combination. Purple is a very cool color and than the earthy darker shades. Wish you a great weekend.

  8. Everything is beautiful! I love the shades and combinations of all those rich purples. Mmmm! I especially love the clocks! Very nice, Marina!!! I hope you have a relaxing weekend!!! 🙂 ~xoxoxo!

  9. I love this, and the colors you chose. And I’m really impressed at how good you are and filling the products with your designs too! 🙂

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