atom flowers #34 multiples / part I

That was quite a challenging project for me [hence the delay!]

but here it is,

the Atom Flowers #34 multiplied a million times [to say the least]

in order to make unique and artistic home accessories.

“Atom Flowers #34” for Home Accessories / Part I

atom flowers #34©marina kanavaki

Marina’s Art Shop


atom_flowers_34_mug   atom_flowers_34_teapot

atom_flowers_34_happy_chef_apron   atom_flowers_34_wall_clock

atom_flowers_34_sugar_container  atom_flowers_34_milk_bottle  atom_flowers_34_cookie_jar

atom_flowers_34_rectangular_cocktail_plate  atom_flowers_34_round_cocktail_plate  atom_flowers_34_square_cocktail_plate

atom_flowers_34_flower_patern_60quot_curtains    atom_flowers_34_3x5_area_rug

atom_flowers_34_tearecipe_box  atom_flowers_34_cloth_napkins  atom_flowers_34_coffee_tray

atom_flowers_34_glass_cutting_board  atom_flowers_34_travel_mug  atom_flowers_34_coffee_cups

atom_flowers_34_60quot_curtains    atom_flowers_34_yellow_patern_60quot_curtains

Visit Marina’s Art Shop for more Atom Flowers gifts

Atom Flowers #34 from Marina Kanavaki watercolor series “Atom Flowers” © 2013


SHOP Atom Flowers #34 ART PRINT HERE

[museum quality printing and framing]

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  1. Thought I would check you out on Valentine’s Day, but no post – must have been busy 😉

    Your stuff is utterly beautiful, Marina. I started shopping one day on your site then had Paypal problems in that it wouldn’t let me add a c/card etc and bla. I will be back when the time is right for me, for I would love a beautiful mug by you there at work, let alone at home – & was looking at the hoodies.

    BEAUTIFUL, Marina 🙂

  2. Ah, you’ve created a new world with these colors and the patterns they suggest. They are just beautiful. This new world is just as wonderful, perhaps more wonderful, than the earlier.

  3. Congratulations on your creativity – this entire set is well done! The design is light, simplistic so it doesn’t overwhelm and refreshing. You’ll do well with this series.

  4. WOW!!! This is absolutely fantastic – some job you have put into all those items. I just love yellow flowers .. especially on my breakfast table. Every piece is so fantastic.

  5. I am speechless! This is just absolutely beautiful, Marina! And the amount of work!!!!!! I don’t know which is my favorite – the clock or the sugar, or the fabrics. All are gorgeous and very sunny!! ~XOXO!!!!!!!!!

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