character #12 multiples

“Character #12” ready!!!

For my Characters, I usually avoid applying them on home decor as it doesn’t seem “appropriate”.

However this one looked good [to me of course] in a very twisted way on a few home items!

It also surprised me -nicely- on all those colorful tees!

So here it is:

“Character #12” printed on various items!

character#12©marina kanavaki

Marina’s Art Shop

for home

character_12_mug  character_12_cocktail_shaker  character_12_rectangular_cocktail_plate

character_12_thermos_food_jar  character_12_large_tealight_candle_holder  character_12_thermos_bottle_12oz

character_12_square_canvas_pillow  character_12_landscape_keychain  character_12_flask

clothing & accessories

character_12_messenger_bag  character_12_messenger_bag-1

character_12_womens_all_over_print_tshirt   character_12_womens_all_over_print_tshirt-1

character_12_tshirt-2 character_12_long_sleeve_tshirt character_12_tshirt-3 character_12_tee

character_12_tshirt2   character_12_t

character_12_womens_raglan_hoodie  character_12_hoodie  character_12_fitted_hoodie

character_12_tee-1  character_12_tshirt-1 character_12_shirt character_12_junior_jersey_tshirt_dark

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Marina’s Art Shop

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Character #12 © from M.K. solo exhibition in 1999 at Epohes Gallery: “CHARACTERS


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[museum quality printing and framing]

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  1. This is so very different from the usual colorful paintings. I like it but love your colorful happy art more. It is like an abstract psycology test. It would make a great conversation piece on a wall during a dinner party. You are always surprising in your artwork.

  2. Definitely full of life! One of the most enjoyable reasons is that it’s different from your scenes, yet your style still shines through. Well done my friend!

  3. Marina, I love this character because it is so full of energy and (I think) humor – and looks great especially on your items!!! Sometimes even our own art can be unexpectedly and beautifully surprising! 🙂 Great job!!!!!!!!!!! ~xoxoxoxoxo!

    • Isn’t it so though?! It’s the character that I least expected I’d be using on anything else than tees… what can I say!
      [right about humor!]
      Thank you my dear Patricia!!! 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      Have a lovely new week!

  4. This is just brilliant …. very bold and urban – I like it very much – and I can see how good it would be with black background and the pattern in white and gold … I love NEW you.

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