atom flowers #3 multiples

Another Atom Flower “survived” the anatomy

and here it is

multiplied, dissected, magnified, on various items!

Atom Flowers #3


atom_flowers_3_cookie_jar    atom_flowers_3_milk_bottle

atom_flowers_3_large_tealight_candle_holder  atom_flowers_3_picture_frame_2  atom_flowers_3_small_tealight_candle

atom_flowers_3_sugar_container atom_flowers_3_round_cocktail_plate atom_flowers_3_coffee_container

atom_flowers_3_wall_clock    atom_flowers_3_shower_curtain

atom_flowers_3_key_hanger atom_flowers_3_teapot atom_flowers_3_apron_dark atom_flowers_3_coffee_tray

atom_flowers_3_bottle_wine_chiller  atom_flowers_3_teardrop_wine_charm atom_flowers_3_cocktail_shaker


atom_flowers_3_leather_card_holder  atom_flowers_3_sticky_notes  atom_flowers_3_small_leather_notepad

atom_flowers_3_laptop_skins atom_flowers_3_mousepad atom_flowers_3_journal atom_flowers_3_square_keychain


atom_flowers_3_messenger_bag    atom_flowers_3_mini_wallet

atom_flowers_3_bracelet atom_flowers_3_silver_round_necklace atom_flowers_3_earring atom_flowers_3_silver_round_charm

atom_flowers_3_cinch_sack atom_flowers_3_coin_purse_black atom_flowers_3_gym_bag atom_flowers_3_coin_purse_white

atom_flowers_3_mens_wallet  atom_flowers_3_canvas_lunch_bag  atom_flowers_3_round_compact_mirror

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Atom Flowers #3 from Marina Kanavaki watercolor series “Atom Flowers” © 2013

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48 Responses to “atom flowers #3 multiples”
  1. Beautiful art work, Marina, Especially loved this one.. 🙂 Thank you for following ~Sue

  2. drawandshoot says:

    I love the colours in this, Marina. And the flowing brushstrokes are amazing. Very gestural.

  3. sriramjanak says:

    fantastic Marina…love those strokes on a black background..again I like them on the bags 🙂
    thanks for sharing

  4. pennycoho says:

    Gorgeous Marina, as always your creative strokes are like caresses that lead to exquisite designs and beautiful works of art. I do admire both you and your talent very much! with affection, Penny xo

    • “like caresses”!!!! you are so lovely my dear, thank you for your beautiful words, Penny! I’m also an admirer of you – little you and your talents!! xxxxxx 🙂

  5. Lindy Lee says:

    Atom flowers is an all-pro design, original & analyses as well…

  6. clinock says:

    You and your brush dance together like spring…

  7. The Hook says:

    Very cool and creative!

  8. Love this one too! Both on black background and white. The teal color really stands out against the green. Nice!

  9. narhvalur says:

    Very suitable with lovely Spring flowers right now!

  10. dilipnaidu says:

    The green and blue blend so beautifully! Thank you Marina
    Cheers 🙂

  11. violetski says:

    They are so beautiful , Marina! I can feel spring from your colors❤

  12. The clock is my favorite. Beautiful with your design.

  13. Fergiemoto says:

    Beautiful! The colors are so dramatic and looks richer against the black background! All the various products look so lovely. 🙂

  14. Meanderer says:

    Those blues and lime greens are perfect partners. So pretty!

  15. aFrankAngle says:

    Not only another wonderful painting, I always enjoy see what you do with the image regarding other products. Awesome!

  16. Francina says:

    truly beautiful as ever, dear Marina!! I love that colour yellow you used with the blue.
    Een fijne avond en groetjes, Francina xoxo

  17. Deb says:

    You are just getting more creative all the time the way you use you artwork. I love the painting by the way!…so pretty!

  18. Mmmmm. . .I really like this!

  19. fgassette says:

    WOW! I love it!


  20. deCamville Design says:

    Oh, Marina! I LOVE everything! You are such a fantastic designer. Not only did the Atom Flower survive – it “blossomed”! 🙂 Beautiful!!!! ~xoxoxo!!!

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