the woods II magenta multiples

A little surprise for my friends…

Instead of the anatomy of  “Atom Flowers #39” [no escaping it… it follows next! ],

a watercolor I did some time ago crept in and changed my “routine”!

So here is “The Woods II Magenta” on various items.

Hope you enjoy!


The Woods II Magenta


the_woods_ii_magenta_wall_clock-1     the_woods_ii_magenta_square_cocktail_plate

the_woods_ii_magenta_square_wine_charm  the_woods_ii_magenta_round_cocktail_plate  the_woods_ii_magenta_round_wine_charm

the_woods_ii_magenta_mug    the_woods_ii_magenta_cookie_jar

the_woods_ii_magenta_jewelry_case  the_woods_ii_magenta_small_tealight_candle_holder  the_woods_ii_magenta_large_tealight_candle_holder

the_woods_ii_magenta_key_hanger    the_woods_ii_magenta_picture_frame


the_woods_ii_magenta_journal-1   the_woods_ii_magenta_wall_clock

the_woods_ii_magenta_small_leather_notepad  the_woods_ii_magenta_sticky_notes  the_woods_ii_magenta_leather_card_holder

the_woods_ii_magenta_laptop_skins    the_woods_ii_magenta_mousepad

Clothing & Accessories

the_woods_ii_magenta_messenger_bag    the_woods_ii_magenta_mini_wallet

the_woods_ii_magenta_round_keychain the_woods_ii_magenta_square_keychain the_woods_ii_magenta_silver_heart_charm the_woods_ii_magenta_silver_round_charm

the_woods_ii_magenta_square_compact_mirror  the_woods_ii_magenta_canvas_lunch_bag  the_woods_ii_magenta_round_compact_mirror

The Woods II Magenta for t-shirts with magenta or green dots!

The Woods II Magenta for t-shirts with magenta or green dots!

the_woods_ii_magenta_dots_womens_long_sleeve_shirt_34_sleeve    the_woods_ii_magenta_tshirt-1

the_woods_ii_magenta_junior_jersey_tshirt_dark  the_woods_ii_magenta_tee2  the_woods_ii_magenta_tshirt

the_woods_ii_magenta_jrspaghetti_strap  the_woods_ii_magenta_racerback_tank_top  the_woods_ii_magenta_tee

the_woods_ii_magenta_tshirt-3    the_woods_ii_magenta_long_sleeve_tshirt

the_woods_ii_magenta_tshirt-5  the_woods_ii_magenta_sweatshirt  the_woods_ii_magenta_tshirt-4

the_woods_ii_magenta_pajamas  the_woods_ii_magenta_puzzle-1  the_woods_ii_magenta_pajamas-1

Pet Happy!

the_woods_ii_magenta_dog_collar   the_woods_ii_magenta_pet_tag-2

the_woods_ii_magenta_pet_tag the_woods_ii_magenta_small_heart_pet_tag the_woods_ii_magenta_large_round_pet_tag the_woods_ii_magenta_pet_tag-1

the_woods_ii_magenta_small_pet_bowl    the_woods_ii_magenta_large_pet_bowl

the_woods_ii_magenta_dog_hoodie    the_woods_ii_magenta_dog_tshirt
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The Woods II Magenta from Marina’s series titled: The Woods – 2012 © Marina Kanavaki

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[museum quality printing and framing]

72 replies »

  1. I feel like I’ve stumbled into an extraordinary ecological phenomenon– not only have the woods mutated into astounding colors, they are clearly taking over the world!!! : )

    Beautiful work, Marina. If this was a change to your routine, I’d say it was a very successful detour!! : )

    • “Ecological phenomenon”! 😆 I don’t know about the rest of the world… I do know that at the time they had taken over mine!!! They still do from time to time! Thank you Mark for such a delightful comment! Made my day. (night to be precise but who cares!) 🙂

  2. in all the time ive been looking at your site, i completely overlooked this one, your magenta art…beautiful mix of colours…so relaxing to the eyes….art in its truest form!

  3. Hi Marina. The piece I do like 🙂 and thank you for your continued support of visiting my post. I do hope to be more consistent on getting over to your work. It is always beautiful.

  4. These are very striking colors together. The design is perfect for so many uses. Your talent is so creative and artistic.


  5. Lovely multiples. This artwork has such a rich color array that it would look good with anything.

  6. This is one powerful and wonderful piece of art … just love the bold colors and the intensity in them.
    Marina, a fantastic job – love the drama in this.

  7. Marina, such gorgeous blending (of course)! The gradations of hues with the colors you chose are so very beautiful to view. If your work were on display I would happily sit for hours staring at your artistry. So lucky to know you dear friend, thank you for sharing your talent. Penny xoxo

  8. I LOVE it!!! I’m glad you listened to your heart and changed up the routine. 🙂 I love magenta and fuchsia and red and your wonderful color combos. Everything looks fabulous!! 🙂 ~xoxox!

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