atom flowers #39 multiples

Atom Flowers #39 finally done!!!

Multiplied, dissected, magnified and ready to serve!

Atom Flowers #39

atom flowers #39©marina kanavaki


atom_flowers_39_woven_throw_pillow   atom_flowers_39_wall_clock-1

atom_flowers_39_sugar_container  atom_flowers_39_cookie_jar  atom_flowers_39_coffee_container

atom_flowers_39_teapot  atom_flowers_39_mug  atom_flowers_39_milk_bottle

atom_flowers_39_dinner_placemats    atom_flowers_39_purple_dinner_placemats

atom_flowers_39_cork_coaster-1  atom_flowers_39_tile_coaster  atom_flowers_39_cork_coaster

somethings_cookin_atom_flowers_39_apron    atom_flowers_39_cloth_napkins

atom_flowers_39_square_cocktail_plate  atom_flowers_39_round_cocktail_plate  atom_flowers_39_rectangular_cocktail_plate

atom_flowers_39_bottle_wine_chiller atom_flowers_39_sigg_water_bottle atom_flowers_39_travel_mug atom_flowers_39_cocktail_shaker

atom_flowers_39_picture_frame_vertical   atom_flowers_39_picture_frame_horizontal

atom_flowers_39_large_tealight_candle_holder  atom_flowers_39_small_tealight_candle_holder  atom_flowers_39_square_canvas_pillow

atom_flowers_39_shower_curtain    atom_flowers_39_black_flip_flops


atom_flowers_39_wall_clock-2   atom_flowers_39_dry_erase_board

atom_flowers_39_journal   atom_flowers_39_sticky_notes-1

atom_flowers_39_canvas_lunch_bag  atom_flowers_39_mousepad  atom_flowers_39_laptop_skins

atom_flowers_39_leather_card_holder    atom_flowers_39_small_leather_notepad

Clothes & Accessories

atom_flowers_39_black_cuff_bracelet-1   atom_flowers_39_cuff_bracelet

atom_flowers_39_round_compact_mirror  atom_flowers_39_square_pill_box-1  atom_flowers_39_square_pill_box

atom_flowers_39_messenger_bag   atom_flowers_39_mini_wallet

atom_flowers_39_silver_round_charm  atom_flowers_39_coin_purse-1  atom_flowers_39_round_keychain

atom_flowers_39_shoulder_bag-1   atom_flowers_39_shoulder_bag

atom_flowers_39_womens_tank_top  atom_flowers_39_flip_flops  atom_flowers_39_baseball_cap

atom_flowers_39_jacket    atom_flowers_39_shirt

atom_flowers_39_racerback_tank_top atom_flowers_39_shirt-1 atom_flowers_39_womens_long_sleeve_shirt_34_sleeve atom_flowers_39_shirt-3

atom_flowers_39_jrspaghetti_strap  atom_flowers_39_shirt-2 atom_flowers_39_tshirt

Happy Pet

atom_flowers_39_dog_collar   atom_flowers_39_pet_tag

atom_flowers_39_black_2_pet_tag  atom_flowers_39_pet_tag-1  atom_flowers_39_pet_tag-2

atom_flowers_39_small_pet_bowl   atom_flowers_39_large_pet_bowl

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Atom Flowers #39 from Marina Kanavaki watercolor series “Atom Flowers” © 2013

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[museum quality printing and framing]

63 replies »

    • Hmm, thongs… I actually haven’t done any but I’ve been trying to see which one resembles thongs…
      I am happy that you like my work, Noeleen!
      Happy Sunday!

    • You are so kind, Tatsat, thank you!
      All I know is that each time I put in more work and always learn at least one new thing! Very happy you like them!

    • Ah, thank you, Madhu! That was my first woven pillow design too! 🙂
      By the way, they must have heard you at Cafe Press because now they do pillboxes! I was very happy doing my first ones for this Atom Flower.

  1. Carissima Marina…è spettacolareeee!!!!!
    E anche i Tuoi prodotti lo sono moltissimo!!!
    Complimenti alla mia Amica Artista del Cuore!!!
    Un abbraccio fraterno

  2. You Are unique in mixing the colors with your creativity .jalal

  3. Uaw! This is really a great job! Congratulations!
    And, on the other hand, you’ve got that I redraw after many years. That’s for me the best! Thank you so much, marina

      • Thanks to you again, Marina. The other day with my post Nº 100 I put the first drawing. A small one and just with one color ink but it is a new beginning. You can see in my blog in the category of “Drawings / Dibujos” 😉

  4. Marina, your work is just incredible! This is stunning!!!! On the black, all your different patterns, that pillow! I am in awe!!!! BEAUTIFUL, beautiful work, my dear friend! ~xoxoxo!!!

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