atom sea #20 multiples

This time the multiples are slightly different.

So here is my “Atom Sea #20” on various items.

I hope you enjoy!

atom sea #20©Marina Kanavaki

Dreaming of the Sea
4598619_7335707-frm715wt02_lz    frm715wtcorner_m
4598619_7335707-cnvcorner_lz  4598619_7335707-cnv01_lz  cnvback_m
4601541_16117615-stscrd01_l     4601541_16117615-stscrd02_lz
4601541_16117615-caseiphone5_l  4601541_16117615-caseiphone5sd_l  4601541_16117615-caseipodt_l
4601602_9599880-cseipd_l     4601602_9599880-cseipdm_l
4611193_3988043-bagtot01_l      4611193_3988043-bagtot02_l
4611193_3988043-sswcz004b_l 4611193_3988043-tsrmw109_l 4611193_3988043-sswcz007b_l
4611193_3988043-tsrmw115_l   4611193_3988043-tsrww126_l

Atom Sea #20 from Marina Kanavaki watercolor series “Atom Sea” © 2013


SHOP Atom Sea #20 ART PRINT HERE                        

[museum quality printing and framing]

atom sea20 framed imagekind

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  1. When I was an interior decorator, I would have loved to have pillows in this fabric or wallpaper for one wall with this design. It’s flowing with delightful charm. The colors are perfect for so many areas of a home including a sun room. So very pretty, Marina. ~~~~ : – )

  2. I love the beauty of your creativity, love for the subtle emotions painted, the ability to harmonize the vicinity of the forms, the choice of colors … I am fascinated by Marina dear and sweet! …
    A hug from my heart

      • Hi Marina – just a weird question but how did you get the pillows, tshirts and bags with examples of you work on you site ???

        it looks soooooo modern!

        • Ah, thank you! If you click on the photos of each product, it’ll take you to my cafe press art shop. I create a unique design for each one, upload it and then cafe press places it on their products. I then export the image, import it on my blog and ..ta da!!!! Quite a procedure but I like it! Hope that answers your question.

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