atom flowers #20 multiples

Atom Flowers #20” multiplied and applied on various items.

On this special day [and for 24 hours only],


Not bad huh?!

I hope you enjoy…

4615730_11206065-frm715wt02_b    frm715wtcorner_m
4615730_11206065-cnvcorner_lz  4615730_11206065-cnv01_lz cnvback_m
4615778_15604478-stscrd01_b    4615778_15604478-stscrd02_lz
Atom Flowers #20 Tech
4615778_15604478-caseiphone5_b  4615778_15604478-caseiphone5sd_l  4615778_15604478-iphonet4_b
4615796_10694243-cseipd_b    4615796_10694243-cseipdm_b
4684917_9323411-bagtot01_b    4684917_9323411-bagtot02_b
4684917_9323411-tsrww109_b  4684917_9323411-tsrww118_b  4684917_9323411-tsrww121_b
4684917_9323411-sswtz010b_b    4684917_9323411-sswcz007b_b
atom_flowers_20_shower_curtain    atom_flowers_20_woven_throw_pillow
4615791_12835351-plwfr2_b    atom_flowers_20_woven_throw_pillow-1

Atom Flowers #20 from Marina Kanavaki watercolor series “Atom Flowers” © 2013

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[museum quality printing and framing]


30 replies »

  1. Ah! I’ll hijack you one day for designing my house! 😛
    Not just class and magnificence, but there’s serenity in your work. Not all can carry it in their art. Keep going! 🙂

    • Ah, Tanumoy, if I were an interior designer there wouldn’t be a need for hijacking. However I am a mere artist and designer and don’t have the tools needed for the job! Having said that, if you ever need an artist’s eye on something, I’d be happy to help!
      You are too kind. Thank you!!

  2. This is stunning, Marina! Your beautiful flowers, spectacular talent, sophisticated and soothing color palette, and fantastic presentation! I love everything!! A BIG ~XO!!! 🙂

  3. This design and those similar that you’ve done always make your products look elegant…Excellent work, Marina! 🙂

  4. Instead of finding art to fit what one has, I like the idea of building the room around the art … which is something we have done in a room. 🙂

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