Coming in? …not just yet!

My Summer Pool

Surprised by the above composition?!

Well, we were supposed to be enjoying the sea.

Alas, didn’t happen, so I thought of letting our companions do that instead!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Purple Green & Black

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  1. . Beautiful . dear Marina! oh my…hold a seat for me, checking out flight plans — is that how summer suppose to look like? We have such a bad summer here.. grey skies , 16 degrees.. horrible..
    hugs, Francina xxxxx


  2. you made me smile, Marina, with your dogs enjoying the Mediterranean Sea!
    And because I know, you like music, this one I’ve uploaded to wordpress:
    [audio src="" /]


  3. Oh, Marina – just stunning!!! You know I love your blue/yellow sun/sea painting, and it is so sweet with those happy puppies! Your green/purple/black is incredible!!! Beautiful pillows!!! Have a beautiful and flowery day, my friend! ~xoxo!!!


    • Don’t you just love those guys in the pool?!!! I don’t know what it is but just looking at them makes me forget I’m not in there too! So happy you like my purple&green flowers on pillows!! A beautiful and flowery day to you too!!!
      🙂 xxxxxxx


  4. The purple green and black makes a beautiful and striking decor. And the virtual effects, sea doggies and all a creative composition – Kudos to you Marina 🙂


  5. Sorry you couldn’t enjoy the sea yourself. May you find opportunity soon to do so.
    I love the black green and purple. You may have just inspired my next creation.


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