paths of color [red, orange & green] multiples

Paths of Color [red, orange and green] gone wild!!

Multiplied, dissected or magnified, it is now printed on various everyday items

Paths of Color [red, orange & green]

paths of color [red, orange & green]

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paths_of_color_rog_wall_clock   paths_of_color_rog_horizontal_picture_frame

5092382_13234905-plwfr2_b paths_of_color_rog_woven_throw_pillow_black  paths_of_color_rog_woven_throw_pillow
paths_of_color_rog_dinner_placemats_black   paths_of_color_rog_dinner_placemats

paths_of_color_rog_cloth_napkins   paths_of_color_rog_key_hanger

paths_of_color_rog_tile_coaster  paths_of_color_rog_cork_coaster-1  paths_of_color_rog_cork_coaster

paths_of_color_rog_shower_curtain   paths_of_color_rog_flip_flops


paths_of_color_rog_journal   paths_of_color_rog_large_wall_clock

5092337_11632631-caseiphone5_b  5092364_3450068-cseipdm_l  5092337_11632631-caseipodt_b-1

5092364_3450068-sknipd2_b 5092337_11632631-iphonet_b 5092337_11632631-iphonet4_b 5092364_3450068-sknmb_b

paths_of_color_rog_leather_card_holder   paths_of_color_rog_small_leather_notepad

paths_of_color_rog_sticky_notes  paths_of_color_rog_round_keychain  5092337_11632631-stscrd02_lz

Clothes & Accessories

paths_of_color_rog_cuff_bracelet   paths_of_color_rog_silver_square_necklace-1

paths_of_color_rog_silver_heart_necklace  paths_of_color_rog_silver_round_charm  paths_of_color_rog_silver_round_necklace

paths_of_color_red_orange_amp_green_mini_wall   paths_of_color_rog_messenger_bag

paths_of_color_rog_canvas_lunch_bag  5092381_1639877-bagtot02_b  paths_of_color_rog_square_compact_mirror

paths_of_color_rog_shoulder_bag    paths_of_color_rog_square_pill_box

paths_of_color_rog_womens_all_over_print_tee   5092381_1639877-tsrww120_b

paths_of_color_rog_tshirt paths_of_color_rog_womens_long_sleeve_shirt_34_sleeve paths_of_color_rog_long_sleeve_tshirt paths_of_color_rog_sweatshirt

5092381_1639877-tsrww115_b paths_of_color_rog_tshirt-2 5092381_1639877-tsrmw120_b paths_of_color_rog_tshirt-1

5092381_1639877-sswtz015b_b  5092381_1639877-sswtz010b_b  paths_of_color_rog_hoodie

paths_of_color_rog_racerback_tank_top  paths_of_color_rog_mico_the_bear  paths_of_color_rog_womens_sweatpants

Happy Pet

paths_of_color_rog_dog_collar   paths_of_color_rog_pet_tag-1

paths_of_color_rog_small_heart_pet_tag  paths_of_color_rog_dog_tshirt  paths_of_color_rog_large_heart_pet_tag

paths_of_color_rog_pet_tag   paths_of_color_rog_pet_tag-2

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Paths of Color [red, orange and green] from Marina’s watercolor series “Dreamscapes” 2013 © Marina Kanavaki

  SHOP Paths of Color [red, orange & green] ART PRINT [FRAMED OR ON CANVAS] @ IMAGEKIND

Paths of Color [R,O &G] framed Paths of color rog float-frame-big

[museum quality printing and framing]

76 replies »

  1. Wow! The design is gorgeous (I adore the colours), and it looks so good on everything! Love the cushion and flipflops 🙂 You’re so talented!

  2. yet again…fantastic color combos….beautiful!
    by he way, marina…when i was a kid, i used to watch a tv show called Stingray…and it had a song with your name in it…here it is…”Marina, Aqua Marina,
    What are these strange enchantments that start
    whenever you’re near? Marina, Aqua Marina,
    Why can’t you whisper the words that my heart
    is longing to hear?”……haha…great song, sung by gary miller, so they say….!
    dont take it literally tho…im only joking, marina…LOL!

  3. Oh my gosh – Marina – I am gasping big time! This is incredible!!! Up close, the details remind me a little of Klimt, whom I love. VERY very beautifully done!!! ~XO!

  4. Marina, Thanks for stopping by my blog! I periodically put together a post titled DISCOVER where i feature artists I have recently encountered in my web browsing, I saw you liked my DISCOVER Jano Insaurralde, an artist from Argentina… I’d like, with your permission, to put together a DISCOVER post about your art… I’ll wait for your response and I respect your decision if it’s NO… I have this special admiration for watercolourists, maybe because watercolour intimidates me 🙂 Thank you, Alexandra

  5. Marina .. this my favorite pattern so fare … still wait for the netbook sleeve. Love it with the black background too … Stunning it’s.

  6. They may have gone wild, but they are just as lovely as ever! The designs and manipulations are amazing and display beautifully on the various items!
    Hope you have wonderful weekend!
    Hugs! 🙂

    • Oh, I’m so glad you think so, Fm!!! Thank you, my dear.
      Wishing you a great weekend with lots of smiles and a step closer to a full recovery. All the best, my friend.

  7. Fun …. Festive …. Merry … this is a cheerful pattern with bright summer colors, Marina.
    I like the design. It looks fabulous on the white pillow.
    Who could look at any of these items and not have a smile…!!!!????
    Another winner …. !!! ~~~~~ : – )

  8. Wow, Marina! This is truly an amazing design. I knew it was good the first time I seen it, but seeing how you put it on the merchandise just makes it pop! I think this one will be a great seller!
    Have a lovely weekend, Dear!

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