The Fortune Tree #2 multiples

As you may have noticed by now most of my work goes through anatomy to end up on various everyday items.
So did the second stage of my Fortune Tree and here it is!

The Fortune Tree #2

fortune tree #2

The Fortune Tree 2/5 framed

Fortune-Tree-No2_framed art fortune tree 2 s6 framed

The Fortune Tree 2/5 on various items

6084641_4496324-casesgs4_b 6084641_4496324-caseiphone5sd_l 6084641_4496324-iphone5a_l

6084685_12905678-bagtot02_l   6084641_4496324-stscrd02_lz

6084665_5193369-cseipdm_l 6084665_5193369-sknmb_l 6084665_5193369-sknipd2_l

6084641_4496324-iphonet4_l   6084641_4496324-caseiphone5_l

6084685_12905678-sswcz004b_b 6084685_12905678-tnkw102_l 6084685_12905678-sswcz005b_l

6084685_12905678-tsrww109_l 6084685_12905678-tsrmw120_l 6084685_12905678-tsrww118_l 6084685_12905678-tsrmw115_l

6084731_10209879-plwfr2_l  6084685_12905678-bagtot01frs_l

The Fortune Tree #2 Part of 5 paintings / stages of “marina’s fortune tree“2011 © marina kanavaki

click on images to see more details

fortune tree all5©marina kanavaki

You can visit my shop for art prints, framed or on canvas at Imagekind or my Art Shop for “Trees & Forests” everyday items

54 replies »

  1. wonderful tree series, Marina!
    For me the lines of growing of a tree
    are always a metaphor
    for the lines of the growing of decisions
    in our lifetime …

  2. Good series, this one Marina – the black background is awesome for letting the tree stand out. I like the uses made for your paintings.

    • Thank you, my dear Sue. When you work from home, weekends tend to be like weedays, so this one, I failed to notice! 🙂 (between us, I might be taking a break soon though!) Happy Tuesday! 🙂

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