the fortune tree #3 multiples

After a short break,
here is “The Fortune Tree #3” on various everyday items.

The Fortune Tree #3

fortune tree #3©marina kanavaki

The Fortune Tree 3/5 framed

Fortune-Tree-No3_art Imagekind  6357766_5889774-frm118wt01_b

The Fortune Tree 3/5 on various items

6357972_3798264-caseiphone5c_b  6357972_3798264-caseiphone4sd_l  6357972_3798264-casesgs4_b

6357803_1186532-bagtot02_b     6357972_3798264-stscrd02_lz

6357981_7009097-cseipdm_b  6357981_7009097-sknmbpr_b  6357981_7009097-sknipdm_b

6357972_3798264-iphonet4_b-1     6357972_3798264-iphone5a_b

6357803_1186532-sswcp004b_b  6357803_1186532-tnkw110_b  6357803_1186532-sswtz010b_b

6357803_1186532-tsrww118_b 6357803_1186532-tsrmw115_b 6357803_1186532-tsrww126_b 6357803_1186532-tsrmw120_b

6357813_1419995-plwfr2_b    6357803_1186532-bagtot01frs_l

The Fortune Tree #3 Part of 5 paintings / stages of “marina’s fortune tree“2011 © marina kanavaki

click on images to see more details

fortune tree all5©marina kanavaki

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A wonderful weekend to everyone!

53 replies »

  1. Lovely, Marina, just lovely!! 🙂
    The fortune tree is growing and maturing and creating even more good fortune! Your beautiful artwork touches and inspires so many people. 🙂

  2. Especially that first image is so intruiging, a lot of magic. It looks dark but it also has a lot of light. Lovely combination. A big hug, Rosa

  3. I keep feasting on the tranquility and firmness your Fortune tree brings me~ brilliant art! God grant you great success dear, you make many happy and love beauty through you ! xx Debbie

  4. The image and therefore your work , on top , I like. The close-up reveals some depth. Almost abstract if not considering the recognized leaves. The repeated green part on the rear or in that depth, let me look.

  5. Wow, this … is something new and I like it very much .. love the rustic and the deep colors. Love to see how the tree have different “dresses” – Wonderful Marina.

  6. That pillow looks great, Marina! Your the best at making the merchandise look great with your beautiful artwork! 🙂
    Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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