the fortune tree #4 multiples

Time of the week…
“The Fortune Tree #4” on various everyday items.

The Fortune Tree #4

fortune tree #4©marina kanavaki

The Fortune Tree 4/5 framed

Fortune-Tree-No4_framed art6428740_9210788-frm118wt01_lz

The Fortune Tree 4/5 on various items

6428755_13471123-caseiphone3_b  6428755_13471123-caseiphone5sd_l  6428755_13471123-casesgs4_b

6428785_8938843-bagtot02_b    6428755_13471123-stscrd02_lz

6428774_4253637-sknipdm_b  6428774_4253637-sknmb_b  6428774_4253637-cseipd_b

6428755_13471123-iphone5a_b     6428755_13471123-iphonet4_b

6428785_8938843-sswcp004b_b 6428785_8938843-tnkw120_b 6428785_8938843-sswtz010b_b

6428785_8938843-tsrmw109_b 6428785_8938843-tsrww111_b 6428785_8938843-tsrww118_b 6428785_8938843-tsrmw120_b

6428793_11280483-plwfr2_b     6428785_8938843-bagtot01frs_l

The Fortune Tree #4 Part of 5 paintings / stages of “marina’s fortune tree“2011 © marina kanavaki
One more stage left – next week! 🙂

click on images to see more details

fortune tree all5©marina kanavaki

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  1. Beautiful as always Marina !❤️❤️❤️ I’m really wonder why I can’t have friends new posts in my reader and I was thinking about you to haven’t seen your posts and clicked your blog . Ah, many new posts and I didn’t know !!! I think I should check blogs straightly 😃

    • No, you are not out of your depth… I have been messing about with the depth actually, making layers with details of this for my featured image and I see it worked!! 😉
      Thank you, Stephen!

  2. Hi Marina!

    I really liked the abstract nature of the closeup at the top. I would title it, “South American Cave in the Jungle”. Seeing it, I remember other closeups you have done and think you should sell this/these as well, as you have a knack for choosing ones that are visually intriguing.

    Best Wishes,

    • Ah, Russ, I love the title! I do find closeups very intriguing. Discovering different aspects or even …beings? Which reminds me, who wrote a very interesting post about pareidolia today, was it…. oh, it was YOU!! 😉

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