the fortune tree #5 multiples

Last Fortune Tree to be multiplied!
“The Fortune Tree #5” on various everyday items.

The Fortune Tree #5

fortune tree #5©marina kanavaki

The Fortune Tree 5/5 framed


The Fortune Tree 5/5 on various items

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6514850_1971783-iphonet_l   6514850_1971783-stscrd02_lz

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6514907_10850038-tnkw120m_l    6514911_9381855-plwfr2_l

6514907_10850038-sswcz004b_l 6514907_10850038-tnkw119_l 6514907_10850038-sswcz005b_l

6514907_10850038-tsrmw126_b 6514907_10850038-tsrww111_l 6514907_10850038-tsrww118_l 6514907_10850038-tsrmw112_l

6514850_1971783-iphone5a_l     6514911_9381855-bagtote16_l

The Fortune Tree #5 Part of 5 paintings / stages of “marina’s fortune tree“2011 © marina kanavaki

NEXT POST: Watch it grow…

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fortune tree all5©marina kanavaki

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54 replies »

  1. Love the colors Marina ! Beautiful as always and perfect name for those trees ❤️
    Feel fortune when I look at them ! Warm , fresh, live…. 😃❤️

  2. Perfect for this Fall season. Love how bright and colorful this piece is – sunny, sunshine, how can one not smile?! Happy Monday Marina!

  3. beautiful as ever, dear Marina! I love this tree, it has the golden glow of autumn trees when touched by sunlight!
    have a wonderful week, my dear friend!!
    🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Marina, your fortune trees are so golden! our leaves are truly beautifully painted. I wish you so very much good fortune with your beautiful products. Nice collection, my friend! ~xoxoxo!!!

  5. I simply adore this painting! beautiful,thanks so much for sharing it with us. It makes me feel like ‘climbing a tree again’ eminding me of when i was a kid.

  6. Love it on the orange t-shirt, Marina – love that.

    You amazing me, you simply do, how you so very creatively inspired you are, and then how you execute that inspiration. You’re just awesome, Marina.

  7. Do you have a rectangle painting with the 5 trees displayed Marina? Any garden aprons, cards, these simply are very symbolic to the Christian community. Faithfully Debbie xo

  8. I just call…. Marina the close up is very powerful and I think it looks great on the phones… I hope there are going to be many walking trees this weekend and you have a good one too.

  9. I particularly like how you’ve placed the work in the work. As with the Tote Bag or pillow where you frame the work with parts of the work. Or the phone skin where the tree is embedded at the base of tree.

    You must be clever, indeed!

  10. Hi Marina,

    I really like the closeup! It reminds me of one of those psychedelic brain teasers researchers use to see if your brain is working correctly. The colors are fluorescent, and my mind keeps switching what I see from foreground to background and back again. If I’m using the term correctly, great use of negative space! For some reason, this tree makes me think of Dennis Rodman! Yeah, I know, I think I’m feeling a little squirrelly this morning. 🙂

    • 😆 Good thing I wasn’t tested on those!!!! Brilliant weren’t they? As for DR, you got me thinking… Is it the hairdo or the boldness? !!! 🙂 I’m very happy you appreciate the negative space as you put it. It takes a long long time to cast out! Loved your poem btw. I’m going over again for an encore! 🙂
      Happy weekend, Russ.

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