time for meditation

…in other words

Going offline for a couple of days
to get all the pieces in place!

Meantime, have a great new week everyone!
…and smile!


time for meditation


elegant balance elegant balance

Note: The two beautiful scarves appearing in my “elegant balance” are by Camilla Gullits and you can see them here: carebyme …out of this world!


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    • I think that the Ommmmmmm is needed now! I am just catching my breath from a very hectic week, however your advice is under consideration for the near future! 😉
      Thank you, my friend!

    • My dear Wendell, just by reading your comment, I feel like I have done just that… Thank you my friend. Just coming back from a very busy week and very happy to see you here! 🙂

  1. 😀 beautiful accessories to color your day!
    I sincerely wish you some quiet, be rested and re-sorts your ideas… This is very important, Marina!
    I’ll leave you a link to some “deep” music for meditation, in addition to the vibration melody, you will hear the waters running and birds singing: I find it special!

    • Ah, thank you so much for the link, my dear Claudine! Binaural beats do help as well as waters [especially for me – I love the sound of the sea]. I’m trying to get back to a normal pace now, as I had too many things that needed my attention and work. Now I’m catching up my breath, I can continue with my daily meditations…
      Happy Friday and weekend, my dear! Hugs 🙂 xxxx

  2. Have a fantastic week Marina – see you when you get back, can only imagine what wonderful designs you come up during your time in meditation.

    • Ah, thank you Mary! This was not a creative break but more of a hard work one, on various jobs, but I am coming back now. I’ve missed everyone [even though I have been taking swift peeks]. 🙂 xx

    • I know you can!!! 😉 Thank you, my dear Patricia! Errands were piling up and I had to do some serious “cleaning up”! Slowly coming back and very happy seeing you here! Happy Friday! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 🙂

  3. Have a wonderful time away, Marina. You deserve the time to refresh and spark your creativity. I know myself that is the best medicine for coming up with new ideas. Like me, you never seem to be at a loss for your creations, but the time will be good to think.

    • My dear Donna, yes, we can both be grateful for our creativity. Unfortunately this was not a resting break [as I may have implied in my post -I always try to see things half full!]. Too many time consuming errands needed tending [still do] and I wouldn’t be able to follow all my friends posts, hence the break. Gradually coming back now. Happy Friday! 🙂

  4. Have a good time dear Marina! And I will also be very happy to see you back again. 🙂 Big hug and take good care.

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