Holidaze at my art shop!

Starting on Monday [yesterday that is!],
we celebrate ‘7 Days of Deals’ at my art shop
Check out my little icon at the right column for the Deal of the Day.

Today [Day 2] every framed or canvas print is offered $10 off.

Free Worldwide Shipping is on thru December 14th!


A great Tuesday to everyone!

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  1. Aw, phooey! I got here too late to help promote the sale. I’ve let down the side… : (

    I’m gonna jump off Mt. Olympus without a parachute!! I’ll just hold one of those little paper umbrellas you get in Chinese restaurants in either hand, and hope for the best, that’s all… : )

    • Too late? You, my friend are never too late!
      FYI it has been decided unanimously at Mt. Olympus, to add protective nets around the mountain, just in case you get any crazy ideas. Your talent is greatly needed up here! 🙂

  2. Good luck on your special week. It is always great to come back and see your blazing pure colours doing the work which I love so much to watch my dear friend 🙂 xxx

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