week of deals: day five

Deals – Day 5

Fifth day of deals at my art shop!
Today’s deal:

20% off tote bags

click on the image below to visit my shop

promo 8-2015 S6 totes

Simply use promo code 20TOTE at checkout.

…and don’t forget:

Supermoon ahead!

Enjoy the first of 3 full supermoons this Saturday – August 29!  🙂

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  1. Every time I stop by I’m impressed at the quality of your designs. Whimsy, eye for beauty, and skill in technique. Rare combination. Love the sheepy dog one! (and the flowers and – oh they are all cool.Hope the sale went going well. )

    • lol lol !!!Oh thank you, Viveka! It is actually a dog but I couldn’t stop laughing because there is something sheepy about it! 😉 [From my “No Animal Testing” design] xx

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