leggings travel free!

My leggings are offered

$5 off

and with
Simply use code: LEGUP at checkout!


Visit my shop for art prints, framed or on canvas or printed on iphone cases, laptop skins & sleeves, cards, mugs, t-shirts, tank tops, v-neck tees, biker tanks, onesies, hoodies, all-over tees & leggings, tote bags, wall clocks, shower curtains, rugs, pillows, wall tapestries and duvet covers at Society6

A beautiful Thursday to everyone!

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    • Thank you, my dear Diana. They are made of very high quality anti-microbial polyester spandex material. Sorry about the rather delayed answer but I’ve been offline for some time… Happy Monday! 🙂

      • Just want you to know – as hard as it may be to believe – that I still plan on the project you helped me with. I had hoped I could roll it out about now but life got in the way. Your work wasn’t for nothing – I love what you did. It’ll happen in its time. Thanks for the patience and trust, M.


  1. I have just seen Resa’s latest post where she is wearing your blue leggings Marina. They are really lovely on her. Well done ! 😀 ❤

  2. Just returned from S6! Whew! I’m dizzy from looking at all the great products available with your art on them. I’ve saved up on my PayPal, & am torn between buying something for me….. or to begin buying Christmas gifts.
    I’m planning to get a new IPhone soon, and definitely must have one of the cases.
    Thanks for keeping me & all informed of deals & free shipping. Of course I will take advantage! Hugs & kisses dear Marina!

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