9 days of ‘nifty gifties’!

9 deals day 1+2
…that is actually 8, as the party began yesterday.
Society6 artists are celebrating with 9 days of offers.
Being part of that beautiful community I thought you might like to know.
Today is 15% off ALL wall art
That includes art prints, framed art prints, canvas prints, wall tapestries.
up to $25 off framed prints
up to $12 off wall tapestries
up to $22 off canvas prints
up to $15 off art prints
as an added bonus, the shipping is FREE – WORLDWIDE!

[ framed art and canvas prints are excluded from free shipping ]

A beautiful week to everyone!  🙂

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  1. It is almost Christmas… once again! The holidays season only puts over us too much stress in state of having quite moments of happiness within the house walls. But you right… it is time to offer some good stuff with some discount, this help to sell. You just brought back to me the idea of doing something like that… unfortunately for the english version of the last book I have to wait until Spring 😉 Receive our love and hugs kisses :-)claudine

      • As soon as it is on the market, it will be possible to get it all over the world… I’ll send you one copy autographed for you… if you’ll like it, you will be able to give me some marketing help!
        😉 have a relaxing weekend Claudine

        • Aw, I’d love an autographed copy but I would also like to buy it… and yes, I will do as much sharing as I can and help you with anything you may need, with pleasure! 🙂 You too, my dear friend. love 🙂 xxxx

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