9 days of gifts: days 3 & 4

9 deals 9 days day3
Days 3 & 4 of … ‘nifty gifties’!
Tuesday and Wednesday are dedicated to tech gear.
9 deals day 3+4c
20% off all tech gear:
• iPhone & iPod Cases
• Galaxy Cases
• iPad Cases
• iPhone & iPod Skins
• Laptop & iPad Skins
• Laptop Sleeves
as an added bonus, the shipping is FREE – WORLDWIDE!

offer ends tomorrow night

A beautiful Tuesday to everyone! 🙂
5 Responses to “9 days of gifts: days 3 & 4”
  1. clinock says:

    I have no money Marina, but if I did I would buy all of your wonders. I loooovvve the paint circles, they set my eyes a dancing xo

  2. Go girl! Marina you are absolutely amazing. Now doing iphone cases and all. I like Atom Flowers #34 along with some others.

    • Carla… YOU are absolutely amazing and you know how much your words mean to me! Thank you, my dear friend. Have a beautiful weekend …with inky fingers! 😉 [your papers will thank you!]

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