September is here and a habit is a habit so I couldn’t leave a 9999 go unnoticed!
09:00 • 9 • 9 • 2016 [four nines in a row!]
I’m sure numerology would have a great deal to say about this.
Having finished my month/number illustrations I’ve been thinking about a new project.
For now, here is a Sapphire Nine rendition for the dragon fans out there 😉


Meantime, my calendar is ready and will soon be available for purchase!

Here’s a glimpse:


Inspired by Bumba’s “The Numbers Game Is Here: Mathematics for Dummies” The Whole Nine Yards”. Thank you, my friend!

Wishing everyone a wonderful 9 month.

[one more eclipse for everyone to watch out for on the 16th!]


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  1. I’m jealous!– very jealous!! I have a cool dragon on my Chinese lounging pajamas. At least I thought it was cool. Now it looks very dull and boring compared to this majestic and magnificent beast… : (

    Alas, in fairy tales, dragons are always the bad guys. But not this one– impossible!! For he has been crafted by one whose painterly soul can only create goodness and beauty!! Hence he shines forth like the dawn… bursting o’er the cosmos… renewing all of creation…!

    Someone’s talking too much. Gee, I hope it isn’t me… : )

    • Talking too much?!!!!! I sure hope that someone doesn’t stop because then the future would be very dark… I’ve always been very fond of dragons. I find them cute and misunderstood! 😉 Thank you, my dear friend! 🙂

  2. I love the Dragon perfectly beautiful! I have my own reason though Marina, I was born in the year of the dragon. You always inspire and amaze me with your new creations. Hugs and blessings!

    • I apologize for my delay, my dearest friend. Time really flies!!!!!
      Year of the Dragon sounds magnificent! What a wonderful year to be born!
      Mine’s the year of the.. little red Rooster! Doesn’t sound nearly as nice!!! 😉
      Thank you so much for your kind gesture, my dear Wendell.
      It means so much!
      Sending you my warmest wishes and blessings.

  3. It’s me, Marina. Gosh, I don’t know where the time flies. : – 0
    I enjoyed all of the artwork from each month including this one.
    I always think of a Dragon as being masculine and Chinese. I like the way you added the turquoise color. It creates a mystical background for the Dragon. Great post and artwork. The video is perfect.
    Isadora 😎

  4. Oh wow Marina this is very cool – the calendar is fantastic! Do love your dragon, the lines, blues and details are superbly executed – amazing design my friend. Hope you have a wonderful week.

    • Only 17 days late….. 🤔 [my sincere apologies!]
      Thank you so much!
      So nice to hear from you, my dear friend. I hope by now you have recovered completely and are enjoying a beautiful Autumn. Sending you my happiest wishes for a healthy and inspiring October. 🙂

      • Thank you so much Marina – look how late I am in getting back to you. The beauty of the Fall season took over and I’ve been absent for a while. Thank you for asking, my injury is finally completely healed I’m very blessed to get back to a normal routine and am very grateful. I hope you are well, all my best wishes my friend – I’ve missed you.

  5. Marina, this painting of yours is mind bending a great and brilliant painter you are. 🙂

    How long did it take you to do this amazing work?

    I miss ya, and I am back in action and posting again. 🙂 Tell resa that I am back. 🙂

    • Ohhhh… I’m glad Resa already knows as I’m terribly late!!!!!
      I’m obviously aware you’re back in action as I’m already enjoying all your amazing offerings!
      You are so kind and generous, my dear friend – thank you so much!
      Time? I really don’t remember because it was done in stages. One of those things you do, then come back to it after months [or even years!] and rework…
      Hope you’re enjoying a beautiful Autumn! 🙂

  6. September is nearly out dear Marina and I am so very late here, and I had been looking out for a post and then go and miss it..
    Love this months creation my friend Sapphire Nine is Amazing.. And the music you shared I so enjoyed..
    Hope you are enjoying Autumn Marina.. September yes, here now almost gone..
    Love to you my dear friend..
    take care..
    Hugs Sue xxx ❤

    • You think you’re late… what am I then?!!!!!!!! My sweetest friend, thank you so much! September is most definitely gone and it’s already mid October… beautiful Autumn. My favorite season. Withdrawing all antennas to nurture them quietly until spring comes! 😉 Love to you and many many hugs xxxxxxxxxx

    • Ah, thank you so much, my dear Donna. Means a lot coming from you. I’ll have to go look that one up… I must be one of the very very few people who haven’t watched the Game of Thrones [mind you, I adore dragons!]. Have a wonderful …October [my goodness I am ever so late responding!] 🙂

  7. A dragon into September! I love these mystical animals, dear Marina! And this one is really special… Sapphire is my Birth’ Stone as well. I need to order it but the one in your Art Shop doesn’t show the Dragon…. Let me know when it will be possible to purchase it on T-shirts or other items… Thank you, kisses and hugs to you :-)claudine

    • Ah, thank you, my dearest Claudine! I also love dragons. Too bad we can’t have pet dragons huh?!!! 😉 I’m afraid this one will not be available as I’ve already done September as you can see here: https://marinakanavaki.com/2015/09/13/sapphire-nine/ [no dragon 😦 ]. If however I do create another dragon design, I’ll let you know! Amazon informed me that your book is on the way!!!!!! 🙂 many hugs and love to you and xxxxxxxxxxxxx 🙂

      • Ooooh so pity… that one was a real lovely dragon!
        I received some copies of the hardcover books, one is for you, but I will ask someone of my previous Swissair colleagues to take it to Athen (the postage is awful expensive)… Even if the best thing to do would be going myself there to visit you 😉 anyhow your autographed copy is reserved! Kisses and hugs :-)c

  8. Of course I will be buying a calendar! There is much excitement in both of our futures… I see it & feel it! OMG! Love!!! xoxoxo Hugs & more!

    • 🤗😘😍…No words to express my gratitude for your ongoing support, my sweet friend! Mouah [a big big kiss!]. I know I see a great future for YOU and I can’t wait to see your new AMAZING Art Gown finished!!!!!!! Love and hugs xxxxxxxxxxx

  9. To me, you’ve given us a sci-fi/fantasy look. … Love the song! Didn’t know this one or the artist. Excellent choice for September’s mood. Hope all is well … as well as the new queen of the house.

  10. 2017 looks terrific. You’ve gone the whole nine yards, sorry. I’m glad I got you started on all of his number stuff. Every month another edition, a good pace. Keep playin that country music!

  11. Oh Marina spotting four nines in a row is truly brilliant. And your designs with such vibrant colours promises all the excitement and fun all through September. So here’s an old time favorite from me 🙂 🙂

  12. For nines of course makes thirty-six which also adds up to nine. Nine is the powerful end of a particular cycle and the door to something new. The art is a perfect compliment to any passageway.

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