[reblog] MK-O – Lightspeed Sound [UNREEL, 2008] — Oannes

from Oannes blog…

from our second 2CD album: UNREEL

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  1. Oh, dear me!! I wanted to hear my favorite vocalist sing “Headbanging Funk” (I love soft romantic ballads), but I got a message saying Soundcloud couldn’t find the track… 😢 This is the saddest thing that’s happened to me since they ran outta ambrosia at the Mt. Olympus Gallery Café… 🍨🚫😭

    • I’m so sorry about this!!!!!! But you need not worry as there are strict orders from Zeus, ambrosia for you forever, even if he himself needs to cut down his own supplies! 🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨

  2. Two days ago I picked up the “new” Behringer clone of the Roland VC330 vocoder (the B is called a VC340) – been loads of fun to play with! Just curious on what vocoder was used in this…

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