Alexander Scriabin [1872-1915]- Guirlandes Οp.73 Νο. 1, performed by Christopher O’Riley [reblog]

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…for a Thursday morning

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Έχοντας ξεκινήσει σε υστερορομαντικό ύφος, με επιρροές κυρίως από τον Σοπέν, ο Ρώσος συνθέτης στράφηκε προς την ατονικότητα, αναπτύσσοντας ένα ακόμα πιο προσωπικό ιδίωμα. Η έμπνευσή του διαπερνάται από μυστικιστικές αναζητήσεις. Αυτό, και η επικράτηση του σοβιετικού καθεστώτος λίγο μετά το θάνατό του, ήταν ίσως οι λόγοι που το έργο του έπεσε στην αφάνεια για μεγάλο διάστημα. Ήταν ίσως ο εφευρέτης του multimedia live event, αντιστοιχώντας στις συναυλίες του μουσικούς τόνους με χρωματικές αποχρώσεις.

Having started in a late-romantic style, influenced mainly by Chopin, the Russian composer turned to atonality, developing an even more personal idiom. His inspiration is permeated by mystical quests. This, and the prevalence of the Soviet regime shorty after his death, were maybe the reasons that his work fell into obscurity for a long time. He was perhaps the inventor of the multimedia live event, corresponding musical with color tones in his concerts.

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Lately I have been rebloging music videos from Oannes new blog. For my friends who didn’t know, or wonder why…. Oannes [aka Socratis Papahatzis] is my husband, partner in life and music and the one with my undying admiration. Together we have a band MK-O [the music of Marina Kanavaki & Oannes]. So, it’s my pleasure to share with you his [and mine] musical selections. Although here I reblog mainly his musical selections, he writes exceptional articles on various topics [some may need translation], so do visit his site. He has my highest recommendation!

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