As Above So Below No25

As Above So Below No25

Technique: Watercolor • Dimensions: 20x20cm [unframed]

Zooming in…
As always, here are 3 images / details from the above painting.
Interesting to discover more images within the painting! 😉
As Above So Below No25 • Detail 1
As Above So Below No25 • Detail 2
As Above So Below No25 • Detail 3
from my solo Art Show at Art.Estate Gallery 2019
For more information on my paintings or commissions, please contact me at
My paintings are also available on art prints – framed or on canvas at Imagekind and specially designed on various everyday products at Society6[US] / Society6[Europe]

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly with Rebecca! Your calendar and your art show are beautiful. I was smitten with your technique and palette from the moment Rebecca showcased your work on her blog. Now, I can look at your calendar on my wall plus visit your blog every day. Thank you both for bringing the beauty….xoxo

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    • Ah…. they are trees that grow in a special garden. That of my mind! This particular species, tend to grow abundantly both above and below. 😉 Thank you for visiting and inquiring about them. 🙂


  2. Always love your work. One thing that always impresses me is how it appears so simple, then the details exploded when taking a closer look. Stay safe … Yamas!

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