SAT•23•05•2020•Week in Pictures

A week with our first heatwave for this summer, well, not summer yet but close enough, leaving, thankfully, cooler!
In retrospect, here’s my week in pictures
[clicking on them will take you to the post]

and for this Saturday:

Juke Box Saturday

Glenn Miller

Book Of Saturday

King Crimson

Enjoy a wonderful Saturday night!

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  1. Wonderful collage, Marina, and my parents loved Glen Miller. Brings back memories of them dancing in the kitchen. 🙂 Our heat wave came yesterday and last night was miserable. Today was hotter. Yuck! By the end of the week, it should be cooler. We will survive, though. We always do, right? Have a wonderful week and try to stay cool and safe. Hugs! xoxoxo

    • Oh, what a precious memory! How sweet!
      Don’t worry, if we precede you then rain is on it’s way!!!! 😉
      Ps we most certainly will survive! 😉

  2. What a fab collage of the week! It’s very neat!
    LOL the 2 songs you picked couldn’t be more different. Enjoyed them both, a lot.
    Okay, as I’m late as usual, have a fab week ahead… Hmm it’s Wednesday. Okay have an AMAZING rest of the week… where the roses grow!

    • Oh, and there’s you in that collage too!!!!
      I know… very different! 😉 … I thought they make an interesting odd couple! 😉
      Still one hour till Wednesday, so still Tuesday!
      You too have a wonderful wonderful week with special kitty hugs [from Hera too!]

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