Béla Tarr

Today, is the birthday
of the Hungarian filmmaker,

Béla Tarr

He was born July 21st, 1955

in Pécs, Hungary, but grew up in Budapest

His work consists mainly of art films with philosophical themes.

The Turin Horse’ was the first film of his I watched and to this day, probably my favorite.

However I’d recommend seeing any or all the films of this brilliant director.

[okay, if just one, then the Turin Horse! 😉 ]

Családi tűzfészek / Family Nest (1977)
Szabadgyalog / The Outsider (1981)
Panelkapcsolat / The Prefab People (1982)
Őszi almanach / Almanac of Fall (1985)
Kárhozat / Damnation (1988)
Sátántangó / Satan’s Tango (1994)
Werckmeister harmóniák / Werckmeister Harmonies (2000)
A londoni férfi / The Man from London (2007)
A torinói ló / The Turin Horse (2011)

The Turin Horse

The Turin Horse

Werckmeister Harmonies

The Man From London

music by Mihály Víg

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  1. Never heard of Béla Tarr. There is something harsh and bleak, yet poetic from what I viewed here today. He is leaving a piece of life and history behind that is very poignant.
    Hollywood films, and television are universes away from this man’s work.
    Thank you, Marina!

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  2. Remarkable. Reminds me a bit of Tarkovsky. I did not know him. Looks like I have to look for these films. If I can’t find them, I have to come to visit you 😉

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    • A friend downloaded his films… I doubt you’d find them here! 😉 He probably admires Tarkovsky, but that peak is hard to reach… That said, I do believe he is brilliant.


  3. A fantastic filmmaker. I’ve only seen Turin Horse, Satantango and The Werckmeister Harmonies. I loved all three- his other work is nearly impossible to find here in the US. Another filmmaker I adore but have difficulty finding his work is Theo Angelopoulos. Loved his Weeping Meadow, Ulysses Gaze and Landscape In The Mist. Ahh such is life 😊

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    • I know, we had difficulty finding Tarr’s films too. Theo was a good filmmaker, great photography. Sadly he died too soon… killed while working on his latest movie, hit by a motorcycle while crossing a road.

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