🎉 Have a Ducky New Year 🎉 [reblog]

Wonderful news from the Drake and Sol family… the arrival of their son, Trueno!

Resa and Belén magic!

Graffiti Lux Art & More

It is with enormous pride that Drake and Sol announce the arrival of their son, Trueno!

Although it took the ceramic egg 2 years to hatch, Drake used the time to finish Chocolatier College.

Now, Sol looks on with pride at the new Chocolate Shop that Drake has built.

Of Course, Drake had some help from his son, Trueno!

Lluvia is in love with her brother! Here is the official photo of them, for the family album!

Lluvia & Trueno pose in front of Atom Flowers by Marina Kanavaki. The sun has added Atom Light!

Ceramic Ducks Family © Belén Soto – Arcilla y Fuego

I can never thank  Belén enough for the joy she has brought me with our Duck family!

Original artworks ©Marina Kanavaki

Thank you for the gift of happiness your art brings me, Marina!

To PBH, RR, the AGMs, Boogapony, Art Director R. Budd, Tim…

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  1. The whimsical ducks made me smile – no better way to start the new year!
    May your new year be full of laughter, happiness, health – and a chance to be with friends and eat out like 2019! (reruns are not always a bad thing!)
    Cheers and enthusiastic paw waves to you and yours

  2. Thank you Marina!!!!
    I loved putting your art with Belén’s.
    I’m hoping the Duck Family will bring all of us a Luck Family in 2012!
    🦆❤️🦆 xo 🦆❤️🦆 xo 🦆❤️🦆

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