Dedicated to all my friends and maybe a tad more to my female friends! 😉

Alice Coltrane – The Sun

Album: A Monastic Trio • Released: 1968 • Vocals: John Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders • Bass: Jimmy Garrison • Percussion: Ben Riley • Flute: Pharoah Sanders • Piano: Alice Coltrane

Diamanda Galás – Double Barrel Prayer

Album: You Must Be Certain of the Devil • Released: 1988

Léna Plátonos – Αιμάτινες Σκιές Από Απόσταση [Aimatines skies apo apostasi] Bloody Shadows from a Distance

Album: Γκάλοπ [Gallup] • Released: 1988

Róisín Murphy – Overpowered

Album: Overpowered • Released: 2007

Kate Bush – Wow

Album: Lionheart • Released: 1978

Alanis Morissette – The Couch

Album: Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie • Released: 1998

Gazelle Twin – Anti Body

Album: Unflesh • Released: 2014

Björk – Come To Me

Album: Debut • Released: 1993

Imogen Heap – Canvas

Album: Ellipse • Released: 2009

Janelle Monáe – Sally Ride

Album: The Electric Lady • Released: 2013

Léna Plátonos – Η λάθος αγάπη [The Wrong Love]

Album: Μάσκες Ηλίου [Sun Masks] • Released: 1984

Goldfrapp – Anymore

Album: Silver Eye • Released: 2017


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  1. Happy International Women’s Day, Marina!
    Working my way through the music. All great choices.
    I might save some of the tunes for later tonight, when I work on my Dracula drawing! LOL!
    At least his cape will be blowing in the wind. Sort of gownish.
    Hey! I’m getting paid!

    • Bouahahahaaaaa…. you can definitely save the second one for that time! (I love it… obviously since I’m adding it, but it’s not exactly your average easy listening track!!!🤣😂)
      Happy Women’s Day, Resa!
      .. and YAYYYY for getting paid too!
      …and I can’t wait to see!!!!!!! 🧛‍♂️🦇

          • I really like your watercolor. It speaks for everyone in its silence. I liked Léna Plátonos a lot. She had similar vibes to your music. Róisín Murphy was strangely entertaining. Kate Bush is wild and fun with so many wonderful facial expressions. Goldfrap’s choreography is great and the androgyny is simply fascinating.

            • So happy you liked my watercolor and very glad you enjoyed Plátonos. She was [is] a very talented musician and a pioneer in electronics, and probably too bright for her own good. Though she was unanimously considered a great artist, she never was as promoted as she should have been. Strangely [here comes the bad promotion] and to my shame, I hadn’t heard her music till a couple of decades ago! I find RM to be a very interesting artist. Well, No words on Kate and about Goldfrapp, I loved their first album “Utopia”

              Their videos are always very interesting visually!

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