Lyres : Don’t Give It Up Now – 1984 [#MerryChristmasElon] 🎄 [reblog]

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Μόλις έπεσα πάνω στο hashtag #MerryChristmasElon, γεμάτο συγκινητικά post – μια απ’ τις ελάχιστες αληθινά “ανθρώπινες” στιγμές που έχω τσεκάρει στο Twitter.
Ας αφιερώσω λοιπόν κι εγώ ένα τραγούδι στον άνθρωπο που, σε πείσμα των όποιων ενδοιασμών, εξακολουθεί να μου είναι συμπαθής : Ένα garage punk καταιγισμό απ’ τη Βοστώνη των middle ‘80s. Από το άλμπουμ των Lyres, On Fyre.

I just stumbled upon #MerryChristmasElon hashtag, full of touching dedications, one of the very few truly “human” moments I’ve witnessed on Twitter.
So let me dedicate a song to the man who, despite any misgivings, is still likeable to me : A garage punk barrage out of middle ’80s Boston. From Lyre’s album, On Fyre.


❝ Once there was a time when I thought that I had a lot to say
My nose was in the air
My mind in the clouds, but now they’re gray
I couldn’t understand why people thought I should be put away
Now I wanna change, I’ve been around too long this way
Don’t give it up now
Don’t give it up now
Don’t give it up now
Don’t give it up now
Take what you need, don’t ever give it all away
Everybody’s always influencing each other in some kind of way
Won’t be ashamed, won’t ever let people know
’cause what’s really important is that eventually you’re going to go
Don’t give it up now
Don’t give it up now
Don’t give it up now
Don’t give it up now
Don’t give it up now
Don’t give it up now ❞


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