I shall speak of… / Θα Μιλήσω… [Never & Nothing, 2004]

17 days into a new year and this is my first post for January!

“I Shall Speak of…” is a song from my first solo album “Never & Nothing” [Pote & Tipota]
with poems by Elias Petropoulos

Never & Nothing was first released by Virgin/EMI, in 2000
and later rearranged and produced with Oannes, re-released in 2004, where this version is from.
It was our first collaboration before forming … MK-O!

…with my very sincere apologies to Elias [who is no longer living thus unable to scold me] here is a translation of his poem.

I shall speak of… / Θα Μιλήσω……

I shall speak of pleasant things
of the winter dew
and the grazing cows,
of the radiant full moon of January
and the babbling of the brooks.
all these came so late and backwards
so early and reversed
that I rightfully tremble.

• Composed, arranged & performed by Marina Kanavaki

• Poems: Elias Petropoulos

• Rearranged and produced by Marina Kanavaki and Oannes

my intro for the album:

The Poems
of Elias Petropoulos
under this
negative title
gave me
the most positive motivation
for a direct game
of sounds and speech
in a music

Τα Ποιήματα
του Ηλία Πετρόπουλου
κάτω απ’αυτόν
τον αρνητικό τίτλο
μου έδωσαν
το πιο θετικό κίνητρο
για ένα άμεσο παιχνίδι
ήχων και λόγου
σε μουσική

with Elias • Paris, 1990
As I wrote then in my introduction:

I am grateful to the poet

Forever and for Everything

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  1. Absolutely extraordinary!! What a voice– it transports me to another world, where all is beautiful and peaceful, and I float high in the ether, eating ambrosia and counting my blessings, and wishing it could all go on forever and forever!!

    Oh, my… I seem to have gotten carried away– but with good reason!! A perfect way to start my New Year, even if I’m terribly late getting here!! Thanks for sharing, dear Marina– wonderful picture of you and Elias, too!!


    • You, my dear friend, are never late!
      It is me who’s floating higher and higher… the effect of your words.
      Overwhelmed and overgrateful [there ought to be such a word!]
      Thank you, my friend!
      Endless ambrosia from Zeus!

  2. Love this peaceful, beautiful music.
    Your voice is the honey on top.
    The words make me tremble, too!
    You are amazingly talented, dahling.
    Adore you!

  3. I love everything about this piece. You have a beautiful singing voice. The first words that came to mind when I heard it were “pure” and “crystalline.” I hope you will share more. I was enchanted.

    • Ah, thank you Frank!
      Translating poems written by someone else, especially a friend, is a very hard thing to do. My translations are just to give an idea of the context.

  4. Dear Marina, this song, your voice is like winter light, clear and refreshing; beautiful and haunting; of the earth and of the sky. You stand in the circle and dance with the light. I’m enchanted. 🌹🤗💌

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