under construction…

This place [along with its owner] is being renovated! Please bear with me. I will soon be back, with a new look and I look forward to visit all my friends and re-connect. It’s been a very …turbulent couple of months, to put it mildly. Sending my very best wishes to everyone. A …hint on … Continue reading

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dst and a short hiatus

Last Sunday we LOST an hour in our part of the world, moving to D.S.T. [Daylight Saving Time]. Many of my friends are already familiar with my views on D.S.T. [for those who aren’t:  dst-or-losing-an-hour]. As if that wasn’t enough [!], I’ve been experiencing some technical issues. Therefore I’m on a short break to sort … Continue reading

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going offline

My dear friends, I’ll be offline for a few days for a much needed quiet break. I won’t be able to visit, comment or reply, so I’m turning notifications and comments off. Leaving you with a reminiscence of yesterday’s Blood Moon eclipse. Wishing everyone a great week.

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Taking the “backward step”…

“Take the backward step and shine the light inward.” Zen Master Dogen A good friend* posted this a few days ago:  Dogen’s Backward Step. Stepping back to move forward – slowing down – pausing, or however one may call it**, is something I have been meaning to do for some time now but kept postponing … Continue reading

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