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Art by Marina Kanavaki

The Woods I Pink ©Marina Kanavaki

It’s my honour and pleasure to introduce the Greek artist Marina Kanavaki and her fine art to you. Many years ago Marina and I got to know each other through WordPress. Marina is not only a talented painter but also a graphic designer and musician. I’m sure that some of you are already familiar with her beautiful art. Nevertheless I would like to give her a stage on my blog too. Marina was so kind to let me use her biography text and her photo’s. Please respect the copyright of her work. May you enjoy her art as much as I do.

Orange Sea Drop ©Marina Kanavaki

About Marina:

Painter, graphic designer and musician, in no particular order.

I suppose music was my first love. I would literally crawl up to the piano stool and put my ear on the keys to hear the sounds and their combinations. Magic. Living in a home that classical [mainly] music was part of a daily ritual, really broadened my horizons. I studied piano and musical theory at the National Conservatory and continued to write my own music.

Then painting. Thankfully, my dad, being an artist himself, stood up for me when narrow-minded teachers at school thought there was something wrong with me when I would completely erase outlined drawings we were supposed to fill in with colour, and then painted my own on top! 😉 He was the owner of a creative design center and by the time I finished studies, I decided to go to England to study Graphic Design.
4 years later, I returned to Greece, to my father’s company, Schima Ltd, now Anmar [], which is where I still work, designing for various companies and clients.

Little Chakra Tree #16I © Marina Kanavaki

Since my return from England, I’ve had several solo & group painting exhibitions, and released one solo album [Pote & Tipota – Never & Nothing] which was when I met my partner in life, and music, Oannes (Socratis – [] ), a brilliant musician with a huge background. To my good fortune, he was at the time a musical editor and had come to interview me about my album. Our lives & music blended perfectly, so forming MK-O [Marina Kanavaki – Oannes] [] came naturally. We have since released 5 albums of our music.

Parts of Colour Duffle Bag © Marina Kanavaki

My love for painting and design also vents to various projects. One of them is designing selected paintings to everyday items [from apparel and gadgets to furniture and home decor]. Society 6 [] gave me the opportunity of doing this without having to deal with the commercial part.
However creativity will never ask how and when and will always keep us on our feet, so I know there are many things to explore.

If you would to see more of Marina’s oeuvre , please click on the provided links. Or if would you like to buy one of her designing items please click on the Society 6 link.

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