the blue… [day 2]

Second day of my ‘blue’ week. While charging up my batteries I absorb as much as I can from this beautiful place…
Sea patterns…
Two seagulls enjoying the sun
Evia island peeking behind Theologos village [Fthiotis – Greece]
…more sea patterns
Another beautiful tree by the sea
Two pine trees embracing the blue sea
Sun going down as the day fades…
Admiring nature’s painting
Sea patterns changing…
What a view…
A boat moving towards the sunset
…and yet another sea pattern!
…more boats gathering.

Wishing everyone a beautiful Wednesday!

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  1. I hit send too, fast. ❦❦💙❦❦❦❦💙❦❦❦❦💙❦❦❦❦💙❦❦❦❦💙❦❦❦❦💙❦❦

  2. Now that’s blue water!!! Also love (what is to me) the late in the day shots with color gradients. Do you remember the collaboration post we did with blue?

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