Happy July [2022]!

Water Chalk No7 © Marina Kanavaki

Technique: watercolour & chalk pastels Dimensions: 13x21cm [unframed]


Playing with chalk pastels and watercolors for July [7]

with the months colors

[Red, Pink, Purple & Green]


…and selected details as a journey within! 😉


Happy July everyone!


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  1. Lovely colors and art, Marina, as always, and Happy July! This weekend we’ve had June gloom, breezy and cooler, but we’re not complaining, we baked a couple of weeks ago. 🙂 By the way, I ordered a mug (to add to my collection) of one of your designs. I’ll take a pic when it arrives and share with you. Happy July and sending hugs! ❤️🎆☀️❤️

  2. love the green triangle Marina that unites the lines – my birthday month and that big 7 is especially apt this time around 😉 Happy July to you and Hera!

  3. Wonderful design dear Marina…. The 7s…. Argh where oh where did 6 go… It flew far too quickly…. Hope we can hang onto the month of July a little longer…. Feel it could be a significant month… 🙂

  4. Happy July, Marina!
    Today, July 1 is Canada’s anniversary 155 years since confederation!
    Red, pink, green and purple… why am I not surprised July’s colours are that of LSD hallucinations?

  5. Have another wonderful month, ah July, sun and heat, and it is Canada Day, a Holiday, but here in Quebec it is moving day…:D, so have a good full of good artistic works Marina!

  6. yes! nice one. happy july 🐓


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