time diversion I

March is already here. The month heralding Spring, officially: March 20th – Spring Equinox. However this series of posts was triggered by an ‘unfortunate’ [to me at least] event. An event that takes place every year on the last Sunday of March [in our part of the world] and returns to its blessed normality on … Continue reading

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Aquamarina Three aka March

Happy Aquamarina Three everyone! March 1st Moon on waxing crescent 11% visible [age: 3 days] Year 2017   12 Months – A Journey Entranced / Wall Calendar By Artemis Marina Kanavaki in Calendars 28 pages, published 9/29/2016 12 months: a journey of numbers and colors. Each month a unique illustration. Each month an imaginary place. … Continue reading

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diamond four

Now that April Fool’s long gone, I may safely proceed with my interpretation of… April. Lame excuse huh? Well, better late then never, here is April! Fourth month of the year. Its name originates from the Latin ‘Aprilis’  [from the verb aperire, “to open” for spring, the season when flowers ‘open’. The Greek word Anixi … Continue reading

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aquamarina* three

3rd month of the year [already] day 3 – 03:00 EET March [from the Latin: Martius – named for Mars, the Roman god of war] marks the beginning of Spring [meteorologically on the first day, astronomically on the 21st – 23rd, also known as Spring Equinox [for the Northern Hemisphere]. Speaking of Spring, it seems … Continue reading

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