time diversion I

March is already here. The month heralding Spring, officially: March 20th – Spring Equinox.
However this series of posts was triggered by an ‘unfortunate’ [to me at least] event.
An event that takes place every year on the last Sunday of March [in our part of the world] and returns to its blessed normality on the last Sunday of October.
It is called D.S.T.  [Daylight Saving Time] and this year it is March 26.
Almost every year I whine about it one way or another. This year however I thought of taking a different approach. Celebrate the hours until we finally lose one on the 26th.
Not making sense? Well, when time switches to D.S.T. we lose one hour as the clocks move forward one hour. I’ve even done a tribute to that poor lost hour, see here.
So under the title “Time Diversion’, I’ll be posting clocks I’ve designed using my original artwork. I hope you enjoy and -to those of you who feel the same way- make the transition a little more tolerable!
I thought it appropriate to begin with March,
so here is my March clock or:

Aquamarina Three



AquamarinaThreeL©Marina Kanavaki

Aquamarina Three © Marina Kanavaki

Technique: mixed media [Indian ink and oil on colored tissue paper, digitally edited]

from the series “journey of numbers” © 2016

for Spring…

Igor Stravinsky:

Le Sacre Du Printemps [The Rite Of Spring]

conductor: Pierre Boulez

The Cleveland Orchestra

03 Aug. 1992

A beautiful week everyone!


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  1. AND … March marches on. How does the time fly by. I cnnaot believe we are in the 3rd month of the year. Where have I been and how have I fallen so behind.
    Special hugs and greeting to you my dear friend …
    Isadora 😎

  2. With my job, time is a moot point. Sometimes we shoot days, sometimes at nights, 12 -16 hours a day. You know what would be great? If time added 2-3 hours a day that we were not allowed to work.
    However, your clock is gorgeous! Will these be part of your S6 collection? I already own one of your Art Clocks. I love it! I still want to do the pic, but my back is still a mess from the bicycle accident.
    I’d love it if S6 did table clocks. I’ve a friend who collects clocks, but not wall clocks. I’d buy him a clock in his birth month. Still, what a great gift to buy someone… a wall clock of their birth month.
    Much love to you, dear Marina! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Awwwwwwww……. Resa, you say the nicest, sweetest things!!!!! You know, I was saying earlier that it would be fun having a clock that jumps randomly to any hour it sees fit, well, I’m thinking, maybe we should have clock that would offer secret extra hours. No one but us would know about them, yet somehow they would exist. Extra hidden hours in another dimension! Food for thought!!!! 😉 Till then, happy hours, my sweet friend and take care of that back!!!!! 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. An excellent clock as a theme for March. Here’s something that might be more angst regarding DST … ours starts two weeks earlier than yours!

  4. I adore the clock (and hate daylight savings time.) Actually I tossed watches a few years ago and just flow with time as it is. (But that cell phone time display nag is always snarking and prodding…how about a phone app clock display with your art? Would make staying in sync with time so much nicer)

    • What a lovely thing to say, my friend! I’ve got another idea though… why not a clock without hours, or a clock that would jump randomly to any hour it feels like! Hmmm… maybe my next project! 😉

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