marinsta November

Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous Visible: 82%↑ Age: 10,6 days
Only a couple of days left of 2017 !
Time for my November Marinsta aka November Instagram retrospective just before 2017 leaves.
My picks this month are four [more and more each time!]:
A lovely sunrise [one of the last I can see from my viewpoint as it’s gone hiding behind buildings for a few months!] Branches & buildings silhouettes with a dramatic sky A lovely magpie taking a bow to a new sunrise, I just loved this little guy, and last but not least  November Supemoon


Note: the photos on the tiled gallery are showing in random order, so every time the page refreshes, you see a different order.

#Choo Choo #train #whoosh! #railroad #tracks #shave #cactus #video #movement

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Going #up! #Moving up!

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Check out my Instagram account for updated shots.

Enjoy this year’s last days!

ps my holiday wishes will follow!



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  1. Lovely photos, Marina, and Hera is a beauty! I hope the new year brings much Peace, Love, and Joy to your life, too. Happy New Year, my friend, and sending Big Hugs! 🎉🎊🎆✨❤
    p.s. Copper sends big kisses to Hera, also!

  2. You are a woman of great vision Marina – hence all your sumptuous sky shots – even Hera looks up! Best wishes to you for 2018 and thanks for sharing your Instagrams as I am not an Instagrammer though am tempted to join if only to show my vintage polaroid images I’ll be taking in 2018!

    • My dearest Sue, I’ve been very much offline lately and haven’t visited for some time now. I hope 2018 and January will slow down a bit! Mega hugs multiplied – love and mega kisses too. Happy fulfilling 2018, my sweet friend! 🙂 xxxxxxx 😘

  3. The first image is stunning as it stayed with me as I viewed the rest – which is why I also enjoyed the other orange images. The first moon pic reminds me of a short story I’m drafting (to be posted later … probably sometime in January) …. Always a joy to see Hera. 🙂

    • That sunrise was quite memorable! It’s one of those moments you remember and I was pleased to see that it was captured in the shot. I hope I’ll be more blog active by the time you post it! It’s been crazy around here lately! 😉 till then: Yamas, my friend! 🍷

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