marinsta November

Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous Visible: 82%↑ Age: 10,6 days
Only a couple of days left of 2017 !
Time for my November Marinsta aka November Instagram retrospective just before 2017 leaves.
My picks this month are four [more and more each time!]:
A lovely sunrise [one of the last I can see from my viewpoint as it’s gone hiding behind buildings for a few months!] Branches & buildings silhouettes with a dramatic sky A lovely magpie taking a bow to a new sunrise, I just loved this little guy, and last but not least  November Supemoon


Note: the photos on the tiled gallery are showing in random order, so every time the page refreshes, you see a different order.

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Going #up! #Moving up!

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Check out my Instagram account for updated shots.

Enjoy this year’s last days!

ps my holiday wishes will follow!


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  1. What gorgeous photos! I submitted them all to the Olympian Photography Guild for their annual competition. The judges couldn’t make up their minds, so they awarded First Prize to all of them!! A wise decision. My own personal favorite: the bird high up on the pole. He’s bending over and seems to be admiring his own face which is being reflected in his highly polished shoes. It’s something I often do myself. There are certain faces one just can’t help admiring… 😊

    And there are certain beautiful artistic souls one can’t help admiring, either. Marina Kanavaki, for example. She doesn’t have to be online. She doesn’t have to post to her blog. She just has to exist, and be a sustaining force in the universe. Yes, we’re a lot alike that way… 👍🏆😊

    May the gods smile upon you, dear Marina, and keep your studio refrigerator well stocked with ambrosia… 🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🚑👽👽👽👽👽😘

  2. Lovely photos, Marina, and Hera is a beauty! I hope the new year brings much Peace, Love, and Joy to your life, too. Happy New Year, my friend, and sending Big Hugs! 🎉🎊🎆✨❤
    p.s. Copper sends big kisses to Hera, also!

  3. Such a wonderful collection of photo’s, Marina, made all the more special with beautiful Hera. Happy New Year to you both💙💛❤💚💜

  4. You are a woman of great vision Marina – hence all your sumptuous sky shots – even Hera looks up! Best wishes to you for 2018 and thanks for sharing your Instagrams as I am not an Instagrammer though am tempted to join if only to show my vintage polaroid images I’ll be taking in 2018!

  5. Breath-taking images Marina.. Loved all of them.. Hope your Christmas was special, and wishing you an even more special 2018.. Sending mega hugs and see you in the New Year.. xxx ❤

    • My dearest Sue, I’ve been very much offline lately and haven’t visited for some time now. I hope 2018 and January will slow down a bit! Mega hugs multiplied – love and mega kisses too. Happy fulfilling 2018, my sweet friend! 🙂 xxxxxxx 😘

  6. The first image is stunning as it stayed with me as I viewed the rest – which is why I also enjoyed the other orange images. The first moon pic reminds me of a short story I’m drafting (to be posted later … probably sometime in January) …. Always a joy to see Hera. 🙂

    • That sunrise was quite memorable! It’s one of those moments you remember and I was pleased to see that it was captured in the shot. I hope I’ll be more blog active by the time you post it! It’s been crazy around here lately! 😉 till then: Yamas, my friend! 🍷

      • As a whole, I like sunrises better than sunsets … but in my house, I see sunsets better. Meanwhile, no worries regarding your crazy time … hang in there!

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