a flowerthread for May

Happy 1st of May!!!

The month of flowers.
Here’s a flower thread unraveling in orange blooms,
for a …blossoming month!
flowerthread no1©marina kanavaki

Flowerthread No1 [orange blooms]

Technique: Digital Painting

© 2014 Marina Kanavaki


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  1. Hi my dear long-distance friend, again, what an amazing painting ! I reblogged this, but it’s the first time I’ve done that, so I’m not quite sure if I did it correct. Do you have a Facebook page as well ?

  2. Reblogged this on IlsePhilips * blog and commented:
    My long-distance friend Marina Kanavaki makes the most beautiful paintings. I find it amazing how she always knows exactly how to capture colors, moves, feelings and most of all “a soul” in her paintings. You should definitely have a look at her paintings. They are for sale on various products. With this painting, again, she took my breath away !

  3. I love this cheerful combination, Marina, and I’m finding that oranges, yellows and reds are my new favorites! I’ll always love the pastels, but the vibrancy of the brighter colors moves me! 🙂 Sending love and hugs! xo

    • Ah, thank you, Lauren! I know, it’s funny how our tastes in color change, isn’t it? I began from a strict black and deep red panting period and now I’ve ended up falling in love with unexpected combinations and hues! Colors never seize to amaze me! 🙂 xxxx

  4. Such delicacy of line! Such whirling, swirling joie de vivre!! Colors that erupt like the beneficent fires of Mt. Olympus!! Gazing at this wonderful creation sends my soul soaring into the upper reaches of the stratosphere!!

    Which is why I always make my soul strap on a parachute before coming to this blog… : )

    Beauty, joy, color, and a wonderful lightness of being– no one brings them all together like you, my dear Marina!! : )

    • May I borrow that parachute please?!!!!
      Your words are about to send me flying off Mt. Olympus! Danger – Danger, Will Robinson! …errr see what I mean? The situation is critical!
      Gracefully [with whatever grace remains after this] bowing to your kindness! 🙂

  5. Wow, love that combination … same colors as I have on my sleeve – oranges, reds, green and black. The deepness of the oranges and reds really pops out – like 3D on that very deep black background.

      • Next laptop I buy has to be slightly bigger … so it fits better, they say that should keep a laptop more than 4 years.
        Have to buy a new PC first .. my is on XP and I don’t like windows 8, tough call.
        My pleasure, you do such beautiful art – Marina.

    • Beware of the thread… it may lure you into it’s entanglement! 😉
      Thank you, my friend. Someone – somewhere said something about grace and talent…DITO!!! 🙂

  6. Beautiful Marina.. I am wearing Orange today too… So wishing you a wonderful May full of blossoms and Orange is vitality and strength… Wishing you both as we already are one week into May…
    Love to you… Hugs Sue xoxox

  7. I had to come back again to see this one Marina! 🙂 It is musical. It is lyrical. I just want to reach out and touch it because I know it would be like water rushing through my fingers very gently. A great artwork!

  8. Marina, so powerful and … bold – love it – I always combine orange with green .. when it’s about table setting and clothing. Fantastic combination. Stunning work. Got a email saying the my sleeve has been posted. Can’t wait.

    • Great!!!! [I can’t wait either!]
      Thank you, my dear Viveka. Orange and green go so beautifully together, don’t they?! I’m so glad you like it! 🙂 xx

    • Aww, thank you! [Happy to see you back]
      I suppose my need to unravel darkness into light… I just picked a colored thread out of the black background and got seriously entangled right after! Anyway -you get it! 😉

  9. So very beautifully refreshing…your painting is gorgeous! Being a May baby, I love the month because it is a time when everything blossoms, including we, who created, because we feel refreshed, and renewed. Thanks for sharing Marina!

    • May baby? So this is your Birthday month, Wendell… I wish you then a most joyful and beautiful Birthday May, my friend! Indeed the month of blossoms! 🙂

  10. Yes, Spring is the time of rebirth and renewal of what has been sleeping in th earth.
    Your magical flowers will soon be sprouting more flowers of colors tempting the
    thought of what would be a massive field of them showcasing abundance.
    Happy Spring, Marina, your flowers delight and mesmerize.
    Izzy ❤

  11. “Happy” is indeed the word. There is such a beautiful energy in this art work 😀

  12. Such a perfect image for this new month Marina, magical May. I worked / played in the garden today for hours, still smell the earth on my fingers…I touched and planted echoes of your art in the sun and soil…fed me with such magical energy as your art does…beauty, fertility, hope…

  13. Happy May Day Marina – I just have four minutes of it left here to say that! Lovely flowers – beautiful yet with a sense of something underlying about them which I love! Reminds me of the flowers from Pink Floyd – The Wall actually! 🙂

    • and Happy …May to you, my friend! As you probably remember I am a fan of PF however I wouldn’t have made a connection until now you mentioned it! I’m so glad you like them, Ken! Thank you and Happy blogiversary!!! 🙂

    • Ah, thank you, Elena. I couldn’t help but laugh at ‘alive’… you should see the poor tablet I draw on. It takes so much …hustle I’m amazed at it’s patience! 😉

  14. Magnificent piece of art – love the unfolding of orange blossoms, all delicate and graceful. Happy May Day and have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Its the 1st of May here and we in the peak of our hot summer! Dear Marina your beautiful colorful flowers are well-timed to bring us plenty cheer 🙂
    In Carl Lewis words ~ “Life is about timing”!

  16. I have three words to describe this brilliant art work, Marina:
    BEAU TEA FULL ! WOW! This knocks me off my feet – I love this! Great flowing calmness and cool colors.

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