as above so below #12

As Above So Below #12

Technique: watercolour

Original Size: 13x13cm

detail 1

detail 2

from Marina Kanavaki series “As Above So Below” © 2012


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  1. I had to stop and check out your beautiful watercolor. It caught my eye because it reminded me of the ocean; whales swimming deep beneath the surface as if you captured the moment their tails rushed by.

  2. Lovely, lovely! I adore and am amazed by how you can incorporate such different personalities into one masterpiece. I admire your talent!
    My interpretation may be different, but with the top half, particularly the right side, I see the aftermath and battle wounds of intense expression, such as the release and exiting of strong emotions (anger, sadness, etc.). This release is now making room for feelings of peace, rejuvenation, happiness and excitement to flow into your core and spread to the outside. I can already observe the beginning of that flow reaching the outside by looking at the lighter, brighter branches on the left.

    • WOW!!!!! Your comment is such a beautiful opening to August! Thank you kind Fergiemoto!!! May “peace, rejuvenation, happiness and excitement flow into” this new month beginning today! [Happy August!]

  3. A tree, lonely, after the storm.
    Even its meager foliage, shows signs of the last battle, but also the strength to start again.
    In fact, the first colors of nature, the revival tied to his colors a bit dark, appear near the roots, how to give a hope, a spring more, to nature itself.
    He seems to say: “I am still here. I’m not dead. I, in my silence, peace gifts.
    These properties, highly expressive, are owned and priprie immediacy of a work of watercolor.
    The color, shades, give those emotions and feelings that leave in the viewer, the loss of beauty.
    Immediacy and tenderness for those seeking answers from life and nature.
    The color of a watercolor has all the warmth of the author, that becomes sole intermediary between man and God!
    This is my interpretation, of course, not deep as your skill, but sincere and direct.
    (I apologize for my bad English)

    With all my admiration, Lady Marina.

    Ninni Raimondi
    Journalist in Bologna – Italy

    • Ah, mr Ninni Raimondi,
      your interpretation IS deep and artistic just as it is sincere and direct…
      I can obviously not judge but I can express to you the happiness of an artist who’s just had her work appreciated in such a wonderful way.
      Thank you so much,

      • OK, I’m working on it. You know, your suggestion of Hoagy Carmichael’s Stardust caught me with the sheet music already sitting on piano stand. I don’t really read, so it’s a struggle. I’d love to be able to play that song. So, thanks Marina. You give me inspiration.

  4. Very Cool! This is such a cool tree. Those branches are just magnificent. And I love the explosions of color below. Like fireworks below the surface. It’s like the dawn of Spring where even though the branches are bare there is so much going on below the surface that will go to bring new life above the surface. Well done.

    BTW are you and Oannes going to be coming out with a new album in 2012? Just curious. I’ve had a chance to listen to more work and I’m impressed by the wild diversity and spirit of experimentation that seems to run throughout the music.

    • I’m so glad you can see my little fireworks of life ..below! Thank you so much Terry!
      About MK-O, we are recording but It’s not going to be released before 2013… Thank you very much for your kind words! I will definitely let you know as soon as I have dates!

  5. It’s beautiful the landscape the way you sense it Marina. I like the shade under the tree, is exudes tranquility, peace inwardly!

  6. Oh sweet Marina, my impression of this is that perhaps your work reflects your ego: an ego from the deep unconscious roots which plunge into a world of fairy tale images. They live in your colored memories …
    Beautiful work 🙂
    Hello sweet Marina

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