Hera, my model!

Ever since we adopted Hera, I realized that she is very camera-friendly. Not only is she a good model [that includes striking a pose and not moving!], but she has an endless repertoire of movements and poses that will bring instant joy, no matter how gloomy a day may be. So this is a post just for her and her poses with my art items!
Needless to say, there are more coming!!!!!! 😉
I am constantly updating my Art Shop at Society 6, so please, do check in from time to time… your smiles and visits are greatly appreciated! click here: S6 Art Shop
Enjoy a beautiful weekend everyone and 3 cheers for a great October ahead [better be!  😉  ]


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    • Hera’s ears stick out proudly as she vividly wags her tail! She’s also blushing! Opa for October, my friend and pretty soon we’ll be saying Opa for 2019… goodness, where has 2017 gone?!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

    • 😂😂😂You should see us seeing her live every day! That joy is permanently pinned on our faces! 😉 I’m so glad my photo managed to convey some of that feeling! Hera sends her hugs and she does so with lively tail wags! Happy October, my friend! 🙂

  1. Hera is a precious model! She highlights your artistry beautifully 🙂 You’re very fortunate that she stays still for long periods so you an take her photo. Adorable!

    • Oh, I agree with you, my dearest Christy! She is a gem and we’re so very fortunate. Her being patient with me sticking a camera in front of her of course is a bonus!!!!! Happy October!!! 🙂 xxxx

    • Thank you, my dear Ken!!!! I know, she’s our …heart thief! 😉 Happy October, my friend. Wishing you a goal at 100% at Patreon [https://www.patreon.com/DKPowell] this month!!!!!!

    • Awwww, and thank you Pam for your lovely words! Hera and I send you our love and Hera sends extra tail wags and lots of ‘slobbery’ kisses! You brightened ours! xxxx

  2. I’ll take 6 Heras! So, how will they be delivered? 😀
    LOL! She looks wonderful with your art, the best model you could ever have.
    I’d love to see your rendition/interpretation of Hera in paint. Much love xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • 6 Heras?!!!!!! Hmmmm…. You got me thinking 🙄 if we could get little Hera clones, what would we do? …Keep them all to ourselves!!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Okay, maybe we could spare some, but …6?!!!!!!!!That’s asking a lot! But… you are the sweetest person so, with all my heart here are 6 Heras for you!🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺 [smileys claim these to be wolves but they’re the closest to Hera’s pointy ears! 😉 ] I have actually done some quick sketches of her. It was fun [understatement of the year!] Much love to you and HAPPY OCTOBER!!! 🙂 Soon I’ll post my ‘Opal Ten’ – probably during Full Moon. 🙂 xxxxxxxx

  3. that is such a fun post – not only seeing the different designs in gorgeous decorating schemes, but also seeing your number one model asserting personality… mine! yes, how can one not reach the end of the post without a smile in the soul? thanks for this!

    • See what I mean?!!!!! We often look at photos with my husband and wonder how is it that in a photoshoot we can barely pick 2-3 shots of us and of Hera we simply can’t choose because they are ALL perfect! We are biased of course but animals have their way, don’t they?! Thank YOU, Lisa. xxx Happy colorful October! 🙂 😘

  4. Dear Marina.. Just love all of these poses by Hera.. She is adorable.. and I can see why you love her so much.. Just look at those eyes..
    Your art Marina is beautiful and it looks wonderful on all of those gift ideas..
    Wishing you a wonderful October to come.. ( Where did Sept go??? ) Scary these months just flying by..
    I hope you are refreshed from your break, and have come home full of ideas for your designs..
    Much LOVE dear Marina.. Wishing you a great weekend ..
    Hugs Sue 💙💛💖

    • I know…scary! I’m not even used to writing 2017 yet! Worst part is that I’m constantly left with a feeling that nothing gets finished! Like having a ‘to do’ list that instead of crossing out things, you keep adding more! Anyway… I’m sure it’ll all sort itself out! 😉 Yes, Hera has literally stolen our hearts and she deserves so much love. A combination of gratitude from an adopted pet who’s had a very tough life and good character. She’s a gem and as such we spoil her a lot! 😉
      Wishing you a wonderful October, Sue. The fiery month [love it for the fiery colors!]. Love and many hugs to you. 🙂 xxxxx 😘😘

    • Anne, thank you for your visit and kind words! I do hope your daughter enjoys Hera’s art exploration. I surely have [and intend to in the future] enjoyed your beautiful posts! 🙂

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