Pitbull Awareness Day 2019

Every year I look forward to this day as an opportunity to write about …Hera and her kind. It’s their day today and October is their month.
A reminder that …it’s not the breed, it’s the owner, so don’t blame Pitbulls [Rottweilers, Bull Terriers, Dobermans…] Whenever you hear about a dog attack, check the owner first and stop tagging breeds!

[please read below for more…]

Back in September, after a ‘dog attack incident’, Oannes wrote this post about it: The Scape… dog
I’d like to share it here with you as I find it to be very much up to the point.
Here is a translation of it:


A Pitbull just adopted from a shelter… and obviously dangerous.

Immediately after the tragic incident with a Rottweiler, the process of tagging and clichés has gone into motion once again: “dog breeds that are by nature aggressive and no matter how trained they are, you can never know how they will react…” *, “super dogs” owned by macho guys, show offs, even… right leftists”… And the images of drooling jaws, and ‘upset’ citizens wondering … whether it’s time for the state to do something … meaning to ban, as elsewhere,’presumably’ dangerous dogs, such as, of course, the ‘mean’, ‘uncontrollable’ pitbull. Even if the incident is due to a different breed, the debate will sooner or later come to this: ban the pitbulls… The unfortunate beings would claim the top of the list of this world’s most misunderstood. How do I know? I’ve read about them. And …I have one at home: it’s the sweetest and most loving creature a human being can meet.
The only danger a pitbull represents, comes from … this tail, which is constantly wagging, sweeping everything!
The misconception is ridiculous: there is no dog breed with no bite cases. The lists of “dog breeds most likely to bite” vary from research to research, and from country to country, with the top positions being occupied by various breeds, bulldogs, hound dogs, rottweilers, pitbulls as well as … labradors, retrievers and chihuahuas[!]… The problem with the pit is their amazing muscular system, which could become ‘unmanageable’ in some exceptional cases. According to this rationale, strong muscular people … should be a priori avoided … who knows what such person could do to you… I wonder, has anyone actually done a serious research to check the percentage of pitbull violent incidents, in relation to their total number?
The aggression found in the genes of the animal [“bred” in the 19th century, in order to ‘improve’ the old, loathsome and brutal custom of dog fighting] is aimed exclusively against dogs, unless it is socialized at an early age. Never against people. The creature has no choice: it’s made to be that way …
The pitbull’s devotion to his owner surpasses that of any breed – which is why it endures the torture that the shameful “dogfight training” entails.

*according to some anonymous ‘experts’, on various sites, who are contradicted by dozens of experts …with names[!] who prove the opposite.


And of course I agree with him 100%!!!!

As a proud pitbull mom I love to fill my camera and phone with shots of Hera [most of you have already seen a small portion!].
This time I’d like to share a couple of ‘quickies’ as I call them… quick sketches I did of her with charcoals. Next time though I’ll be sure to have one with her trademark pose with crossed paws [see photo below].



So here is what I wrote about this day a couple of years ago:

October 28 is Pit Bull Awareness Day*

Pit Bull Love is Every Day!  😉

This is not the first year I post about pitties [read an older post about the breed here]. It is however the first year I’m doing a post about them being a proud owner of one. Most of you already know her:
Hera!  [more on my sweet dog: Hera, my model  and here: Late July ]
Yes, that terrifying dog is a pittie!
10 years ago, Bless the Bullys by Jodi Preis a pit bull rescue and education group in Middle Tennessee, introduced the idea of a pit bull awareness day and since then it’s celebrated on the last Saturday of October every year. A day of appreciation and education of this very much misunderstood breed.

When we adopted Hera from a shelter [Pitbull Rescue, bless them for the amazing work they do!] we weren’t prepared for for many things:
1. we didn’t expect that she’d be so loving
We really did not expect such a loving dog. She’s so expressive, it’s …heartbreaking!
2. we were hesitant because of her age. We wanted a puppy and she was 3+ yrs old already. We were afraid that we wouldn’t be able to train her because of that.
Well, I can’t say I missed the puppy training [loitering, learning to go out etc]. It was very easy to train her – unbelievably so! So the age thing was to our advantage!
3. we didn’t know how she would react to visitors – kids – strangers on our walks or other dogs
She’s a great judge of characters. I suppose it comes from having spent years in the streets. She will only approach people who’ll smile at her or are generally fond of dogs. She has an uncanny instinct for people who dislike or are afraid of dogs. She’ll simply ignore them and move passed. On other dogs, well I suppose it’s like us. She likes some, she’s indifferent with others and well, there are a couple she really doesn’t enjoy their company, but won’t charge or argue.
4. we didn’t know how she would behave if left home alone
First few months she would just go to her bed and sleep then she’d start sniffing around and 2-3 times she tried to study some musical scores, a photo album and a beautiful handmade box …in depth! Parts of those items were salvaged! Now she’ll just go round, check things and go sleep but in all cases she’ll take a slipper to her bed for company!
5. we didn’t know whether she’d enjoy car rides
She loves them!
On ALL accounts she is an excellent character and we are overjoyed with her [and then some!]

What we really weren’t prepared for however was people’s reaction. Just saying the word ‘Pit Bull’ sends waves of shock to so many people, it’s unbelievable! The wildest example of this was a neighbor who was always very happy to see Hera, pet her and praise her for her impeccable and loving character. And one day she asked in the middle of another praise: “She’s so beautiful and amazing, I’d love to have a dog like her, what breed is she?” and then came the answer: “Pit Bull”. What happened next was beyond my wildest expectations, “no, no, keep her away from me …oh awayyy!!!!!” as if she was hit by electric shock, she run!!!! She avoids us ever since [no matter how I tried explaining to her] Likewise we’ve had many people say “oh, be careful, she’ll bite you one day, you’ll see, Pit Bulls are dangerous!” No wonder they say give a dog a bad name and hang him!
I guess this is how B.S.L. was enacted in some countries. A cruel, discriminative set of laws banning specific breeds. Read ASPCA article about this: Breed-Specific Legislation 
It has always been by belief that the behavior of a dog is very much a reflection of the environment and the owner. As with us humans, the character of a dog may vary and yes, aggressive characters do exist but in ALL breeds. Of course with proper training and socialization this can change.
Pitbulls* are loving and devoted pets however they are strong [‘Bull’ is a great description!  ;-)] and very fast too, so when they charge for a hug, be prepared for an overwhelming experience! This breed is not shy with love!

A few years ago I remember seeing those creatures and thinking to myself, how can anyone not love those faces – how is it possible that these beings are so misunderstood?! Now that I’m so fortunate to have one, my only regret is that our house is not big enough to accommodate more! But then, Hera’s love is more than I gambled for so…
I encourage you to read this excellent article about Pit Bulls: Pit Bull Advice All you need to know about them.

* On a note, ”Pit bull” [or Pitbull] is not a breed. It’s a generic term often used to describe all dogs with similar traits and characteristics known to the public as “pit bulls.” The term “pit bull”, is mainly used to describe American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and mixes of those breeds.

More great Reads on Pitbulls: Pit Bulls: The Myths, the Legends, the Reality Pit Bull Rescue Central and Dog Fighting

Enjoy the day and to those of you who still have reservations about this breed, please rethink and remember:

ADOPT don’t buy!

Greetings from Hera to all!

[mom, I told you not to potht thith picthure of me …my thmile ith mithing a tooth!]

Pit Bull Awareness Day





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  1. How are you admin,
    I Am Katewinstly,I visit this website on a daily basis to read this blog quality and unique posts, This website provides quality and valuable information which help in the specified field. This website is all about the facts of great information. Good Work Keep it up.
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  2. So so happy to be reconnecting back today here Marina to catch this wonderful post.. I so agree with you about this breed and others getting a bad name …
    My granddaughter’s aunt has a beautiful dog of a similar cross breed, she is so loving and gentle with our granddaughter right from her being so small… My granddaughter adores her..
    Hara’s eyes say it all.. ( as did that video clip too of the gentleman and the dog) if ever anyone could see love being transferred it was there..
    Wonderful translation of Oannes blog post,
    And loved your drawings and painting, and poster..
    Sending continued love my friend..
    Much love to you ❤ ❤ ❤
    Happy Halloween… 🙂

    • So happy to see you here too! I’m so glad you enjoyed this, Sue. The look of that doggy towards the man who just adopted him [or her] cries out love in its purest form! It’s overwhelming! Thank you so much for all your good words on this post [especially the translation… not always an easy task! 😉 ] Hera and I send you love and many many hugs. She also sends tail wags to your granddaughter and her 4 legged friend! 😉 xoxoxoxoxo Happy Halloween! 🙂 ❤️xoxo❤️

      • An old post, Marina, I know. But I had to join forces with you and everyone else on here who has said that it’s the owner, not the breed!
        I have owned a Rottweiler, and he was the sweetest guy on the planet….so intelligent, I could see it in his eyes everytime he looked at us.
        Now I have another doggie, an Alsation…named by some people as highly dangerous! Shera again, is a gentle giant….I agree he’s huge at just over 50Kg, with a massive broad chest, but he wouldn’t harm a fly!
        I have had him since he was baby and a gentler animal you could never find. Sure, if a stranger comes into his area, his huge bark alone is enough to frighten anybody off, but that is what dogs do!
        It really infuriates me when some relatives say they won’t visit us unless he’s chained outside. Well, in that case, please don’t visit then, because this is his house, and he lives here, you do not.
        I know one day he will leave us….that will destroy us for sure, especially me, as he has been my companion throughout. If there are angels around in this world, then surely….these are them?

        • Oh, if there are angels it’s them… I really don’t want to think about Hera leaving us. It was hard enough losing Loretta [after 4,5 years, I still light a candle for her every night and have a bowl with fresh water for her!]…
          On pitbulls [etc], I’m sick of people discriminating breeds and blaming them! And yes, I agree 100%, the home belongs to the family and our 4[or less!]legged companions are family members. Visitors better adjust to that …or not! 😉 Sounds like your gentle giant is adorable! Give him a hug from me!

  3. Dogs are dogs are dogs. Humans made them, humans shape them, humans make them any danger that’s possible. Dogs in themselves are just loyal and loving and right human treatment will make them the best companions in life. They will hi Hera from Asha in England xx

  4. I used to be one of those who was leery of the Pittie. Lack of education on my part at that time. I have done a 360 on them and find them the most loving and adorable creatures out there. Friends of a friend just adopted one and I cannot tell you just how expressive his face is and how adorable he is. Gave him the fabulous name of Fig, to boot!

    • With the misinformation out there, it’s not surprising at all! Eventhough we’ve had dogs in my family ever since I was a child, I’d never come across a pittie. In fact, first time I began appreciating them was from a show on Animal Planet “Pit Bulls & Parolees”. I couldn’t believe how loving these beings were and trusting after being rescued from brutal dog fighting! And then we adopted one [mix] from a shelter and believe me, our lives have changed! 😉 Loving and adorable is just right …and then some! xoxoxo
      I love the name, by the way, Fig! 🙂

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