one for the doggies…

October is Pit Bull Awareness Month

so please give those unfairly judged creatures and loveable companions a thought.


Here are a few links for more information on pitbulls:

and… remember Lennox:

Read about BSL here:

Added November 1st, 2013

and finally:

Elle the Pit Bull is Hero Dog 2013


Dedicated from us:

The Dogsitters by MK-O

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    • Yes, I know him. I watch his shows. Victoria Stilwell has done a lot of work trying to convince governments about the unjustness of BSL (breed specific laws), which victimize dogs according to their breeds, especially pits.

  1. Pit bulls are so misunderstood… Wasn’t this breed called “babysitter” or something a few years ago? (or am I confusing the dog breeds?) I guess it all changed when dog fights begun…. Such a pity…

  2. Sorry, they still give me fear… but I do appreciate the sentiment (& the sweet photo 🙂 ).

  3. Like any animal, bad owners not bad dogs. Pit bulls have such a difficult time here – because of humans. So many thoughtless people are breeding them for dog fights – any breed can become aggressive and vicious under those circumstances. And people hold such fear of this breed, when the dogs can also be the mildest most gentle creatures. The American Hero dog of the year is a pit bull.

  4. Great post, Marina! I just can’t imagine anyone mistreating any animal. So many sad stories, but if humans would act more humane (in every aspect), the world would be a happier place! 🙂

  5. Interesting how opinions from pit bulls are A-to-Z .. thus the importance for good, responsible pit bull owners to be their advocates! …. and thanks for the song that I greatly enjoyed!

  6. It’s so sad when people discriminate against dogs just for what they look like. I hope people begin to look at pit bulls differently.

  7. So many of this breed of Dog has been branded, and its not the Dogs but the owners who have been to blame.. We can not blame the dog…

    Thank you for highlighting their plight,,, I Know of many such cross breed of pitbull which are beautiful pets..
    Wishing you a Peaceful weekend Marina..
    Love Sue xox

  8. I enjoyed the video and the music. It has many changes throughout which draws you to want to listen intently.
    It’s sad what happens to many animals. It’s sad that people want to have perfect pets when there are so many sick ones that can give them special love. Bless you for posting this. Perhaps, it will bring more awareness,
    Sorry, I hadn’t viewed this before. I am still trying to catch up with my blog followings.
    BTW … when I first read the words Pit Bull I thought it was my favorite singer Pit Bull. ~~~~ : – )

    • Issy, I’m so glad you agree on this. There really is no breed that is evil and dangerous. It is how they were treated or [wrongly] taught that is to blame. This breed particularly is probably the most ill treated of all breeds and to top it all they get executed in some countries.
      Thank you for your kind words on our music!
      On Pit Bull [singer] 😆
      Please don’t apologize about visits. I know how hard it is to follow everyone’s pages!!!
      Have a wonderful Friday, my dear! 🙂

  9. Great post, Marina.
    Pit bulls are misunderstood. The only thing that can make a dog get mean or vicious is the way people treat them.

    • Ah, yes, but in the end it’s the dog that gets punished and in their case punishment is execution. Something wrong with this image, isn’t it?! 🙂
      Thank you, my dear Deb! (hope your subscription problem was solved!)

  10. Great post, marina… as I did on my blog, this is another post to spread around… a terribly sad story!
    I love your quote “When a man has pity on all living creatures then only is he noble”… I’m buddhist since many years… Compassion is my companion, every day…
    We should not blame the dogs but their rascals’ owners!
    Good night! :-)c

    • I know Claudine, and I saw your post on puppy doe. I really wonder how will we ever be ‘cleared’ from all the bad we’ve done… and keep doing, in some cases without remorse. Thank you very much my dear and you too have a good night! 🙂

  11. From my experience I think each breed has similar characteristics among it’s own breed but each and every dog also has it’s own personality. It’s amazing how, for example, two different spaniels can be. You know your own dog, and it is the responsibility of the owner to deal, train and cope with a dog that doesn’t like other dogs or who doesn’t like men etc etc or any other behavioral problem, just as we do with our children. At the end of the day, if you give a dog love, companionship, boundaries, food, and exercise, the dog is a happy dog 🙂

  12. Of course… They kill young children and attack anybody on street and you want us to love them? Come on! My choice is : Humans before animals…


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