the woods I turquoise

The Woods I Turquoise

the woods I turquoise
Technique: Watercolour – digitally edited

Original size: 13x13cm

From the watercolor series: Trees & Forests

detail 1

the woods I turquoise det1 ©Marina Kanavaki

detail 2

the woods I turquoise det2 ©Marina Kanavaki

detail 3

the woods I turquoise det3 ©Marina Kanavaki

The Woods I Turquoise © 2014 Marina Kanavaki



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The Woods I Turquoise The-Woods-I-Turquoise_art


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 The Woods I Turquoise   The Woods I Turquoise



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97 Responses to “the woods I turquoise”
  1. Molto belli! Bravissima!

  2. The woods I turquoise
    The ground I burnt umbra
    It seems to be snowing
    Glad I brought my umbrella
    I mean, my umbrumbra
    I mean my… er… hmm…

    When rhymes stump a man of my intellect and imagination, it’s a sure sign that I’m using colors that are too sophisticated, and are best left to a Painting Goddess… : )

    Lovely and mysterious woods you’ve got there, my dear Marina. Hypnotic, too, and strangely compelling. I shall take a stroll in them, and refresh my soul. Fortunately, I always carry a large bag of bread crumbs with me, so I can leave a trail and find my way out… : )

    Another beautiful creation that quickens my pulse, and thrills my senses. Like walking into a candy store, only more… cerebral, if you know what I mean… : )

    • Candy walking senses thrill pulse quickens a large bag of bread crumbs fortunately compelling and strangely hypnotic, your rhymes stump MY intellect and make me loose my words, hence, a reply on borrowed words …for my friend, in appreciation [a cerebral one!] 😉

  3. violetski says:

    Beautiful as always dear Marina!❤️❤️❤️

  4. Always so very easy to embrace each new gem, knowing a piece of your heart and soul is in each. Beautifully enchanting Marina…have a very lovely day!

  5. Anonymous says:

    If is always so easy to embrace what you share…it makes me to feel a part of your beautiful heart! Every piece wonderfully unique and inspiring. Hugs always my sister! Have a lovely day!

  6. dilipnaidu says:

    Beautiful and relaxing colors so timely for me dear Marina. I’m shaking off my jet-lag 🙂

  7. Madhu says:

    What magic you weave with colour Marina!!! 🙂

  8. I love the colors and the abstracts Marina. It’s interesting how digital changes our work, a watercolor a photograph. It brings on a new life for the already nice original.

  9. Aquileana says:

    Very pretty, dear Marina… Congratulations and best wishes, Aquileana 🙂

  10. Doris says:

    fantastic colors
    and the name of the painting is so beautiful
    like always this is beautiful
    have a great day!

  11. YOu had me with the title. The image is ever more wonderful!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous, Marina. The magical forest of the night.

  13. Such beautiful colors, Marina! You have a very distinctive and beautiful style of painting. 🙂

  14. Mary says:

    I’m so happy to see one of your beautiful and creative paintings again Marina – gorgeous collaboration of color and design. Terrific tree line. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  15. Robin says:

    Beautiful woods, beautiful colors, beautiful art, Marina. 🙂

  16. Good to see you painting again Marina.. And so loved the reflections within this art work.. May your woods in life find a clearing that the Sun can shine forever Brighter along your path dear friend.. Hugs Sue xxx ❤

  17. Susan Feniak says:

    I love your color choices!

  18. Designer says:

    Beautiful colors, Marina! What a beautiful way to embrace autumn! ~Patricia xoxo

  19. jmsabbagh says:

    Good morning Marina ,l see trees of purple and blue,l wood shaped like doors , Creativity to be admired..Sincerely Jalal

  20. Jess says:

    Great color combo!

  21. makagutu says:

    you haven’t posted for a while, hope all is well with you.
    good job

  22. So glad that you posted! What a beautiful painting, love the color combo just perfect for the autumn scene, beautifully executed Marina! Wishing you a wonderful weekend, take good care!

  23. Bumba says:

    Marina, you always delight all us poor bloggers with your beautiful colors and shades. This post is a special treat.

  24. Resa says:

    Gorgeous, Marina! This one is very pretty, very deep and inviting all at once. Of course it’s your unique style in the end. _Resa Hugs to you!

  25. Andrew Seal says:

    How lovely to see your work again Marina. This is a beautiful piece. Warmest 🙂

  26. aFrankAngle says:

    Good to see your work again! … For me, the orange at the bottom and the purple above the trees act as an excellent frame.

  27. donna213 says:

    Very beautiful and glad you are posting your watercolors again. The magical forest reflects.

  28. Russ L says:

    I missed looking at your watercolors. I’m glad you are back.

  29. I really like the top one with the wide white matt and broad black frame. Sets image off well like a jewel box

  30. nannus says:

    A very beautiful combination of colors.

  31. my dearest marina… a landscape into the autumn…
    here we’re under water (at least down in the city of Locarno, since the lake Maggiore is gone over his “borders”… )
    It make me feel strange, since I have written about that on my last book… but should happen in the year 2022.
    Kisses and hugs :-)c

    • Oh, I hope the water dries soon! This has been known to happen to authors – very often, so be careful what you write! 😉 Take good care my dear friend. Kisses and hugs to all! xxxxx

      • 😉 I surely will be more careful, my dearest! It’s well known that is right now easy to predict every kind of trouble for our Planet Earth… all this climate change is caused by the warming up… But since last night, rain started again to pour down in an incredible quantity.
        I hope to soon have the opportunity to see you again… unless I have to wait ’till next July 2015. Kisses and hugs :-)c

  32. Beautiful , Marina. 🙂

  33. Beautiful to see you back, dear Marina. Hope you’re doing fine, xxxx Rosa

  34. Love the color. It reminds me of Gauguin

  35. Liked the clock of this design, Marina! RH

  36. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Beautiful and it works really well on the block.

  37. K. A. Bryce says:

    “The Woods I Turquoise”

    Without time to share the woods I turquoise
    Are beyond compare to all I see gathered around me
    Wearing hoops of shades and hues I jump through
    To be sure I am standing on ground solid as air
    But magenta filled oxygen sets it all on fire
    And I must fly not run to set the color of water
    Right and true so others may see what I do.


  38. K. A. Bryce says:

    Reblogged this on A Mirror Obscura, and commented:
    Beautiful artwork, love the title…>KB

  39. K. A. Bryce says:

    Excellent piece of art. Smiles…>KB

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