opal ten

After a long involuntary absence,
I am on my journey back – metaphorically speaking.
Mid October.
Tenth month.
The ‘official’ month of Autumn.
October’s flower is calendula and birthstone: opal [and tourmaline].
The name opal derives from the Greek Opallios, meaning “to see a change in color“. Although it is argued that the origin may be from the Sanskrit word úpala or adapted from the Roman term opalus, for aesthetic reasons, I’ll stick to the ‘opallio’!
A month of transition.

Nature on a fiery frenzy
moments before the cold white.

“There is a harmony
in autumn, and a luster in its sky,
which through the summer is not heard or seen,
as if it could not be, as if it had not been!”

Percy Bysshe Shelley

So, before this beautiful month passes, here is …

Opal Ten

As an exception this month’s color is only hinted in my painting as I wanted to focus more on the colors of Autumn.

OpalTen©Marina Kanavakil

Technique: Mixed media

from the series “journey of numbers” 2015 © Marina Kanavaki


Opal Ten is also designed on various products!

here’s a glimpse:

24634437_13321346-crtn_l 24634832_4656585-rg23wf_l 24633001_4885486-tpsvlalt_l

24634437_13321346-plwfr2_l 24633714_14859099-clkfkhw_l 24634437_13321346-duvetqueen_l

24634793_11211904-sswcz007b_l 24644327_16205983 24637721_13221696

24633195_15827505-mugs11_l 24633012_6664711 24631939_8640092





24643266_7678712-frm118wt01_lz 24643266_7678712-cnv01_lz

[museum quality printing and framing]


Visit my shop for art prints, framed or on canvas or printed on iphone cases, laptop skins & sleeves, cards, mugs, travel mugs, t-shirts, tank tops, v-neck tees, biker tanks, onesies, hoodies, all-over tees & leggings, tote bags, wall clocks, shower curtains, rugs, pillows, wall tapestries and duvet covers at Society 6


FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE is on at my art shop thru OCTOBER 25!
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I leave you with this beautiful Ryōkan:

The winds gives me
Enough fallen leaves
To make a fire


PS: An apology in advance… it may take me some time going back to my regular visits! I will get there though  😉

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  1. Beautifully written! The colors you used for October certainly embraced it well! You are always a gem, I just came across the poem I wrote for another of your creations…they are always inspiring so I am going to repost and share again tonight! Hugs and blessings my sister!

    • My dearest Wendell, your words are always heartwarming and kind. Thank you so much and what an honor it is, inspiring such a beautiful poem. Blessings and love to you, my dear dear friend! Keep shinning! 🙂

  2. Dearest Marina…Welcome back. You have been missed by us all as you can see. I hope you are well and returned renewed from whatever took you away from us. The Opal is a wonderful piece, a treasure indeed, as are you 🙂 Thanks for following me as I travelled; it was always a treat to see you were with me. Now I’m home and it’s time to get back to some studio time again. Hugs from far away but close in heart and mind…Andrew

    • Good to see you back, Andrew and great to see your beautiful work again. It’s been too long without it! 😉
      Albeit not renewed I am gradually coming back to …normality.
      Hugs back and wishes for a beautiful farewell to October and welcoming to November. 🙂

  3. Hearty welcome back, Marina. You may have been physically away, but your unseen spirit has been always around, in myriad colours of the seasons and warmth of its recreations in your artistic hands…best wishes.

  4. It is so good to see you again Marina – welcome back. And what a strong entrance with this beautiful design – the warm colors of the Fall season and symmetric shapes add a quiet and purposeful energy to the piece. Yes, it’s good to have you back – you and your incredible art have been missed.

    • It’s good to see you too, my dear Mary! I nearly missed October but the Autumn colors are so hard to resist! 😉 Thank you, my dear friend for your kind words! Happy weekend. 🙂 xx

  5. Welcome back, Marina, and these are warm and beautiful; I love the colors of autumn, but our weather is still warm like summer. So I’m eager for the new season. 🙂 Many hugs!

  6. La bellezze del tuo nuovo colore, l’arancio tramonto di mezzo ottobre, apre i cuori e la mente, in nome di una nuova rinascita.
    Dopo il tuo ritorno, nulla sarà come prima. L’alba sarà sempre più profumata e i tramonti sempre più caldi.
    Il giorno, tenero amico del sorriso, saluterà la notte con un bacio.

    Voglio parlarti dei silenzi
    e delle giornate tristi.
    Ti parlerò dei sorrisi
    e del nome Marina,
    dolce nelle notti buie,
    caro nel silenzio,
    musicale all’alba.

    All’improvviso un suono,
    no un leggero respiro;
    no, un sorriso e una carezza…

    L’alba ha chiamato,
    il tuo nome, Marina,
    oltre i miracoli della Luna
    e la certezza di un sorriso.


    Buona notte mia preziosa amica.


    • The beauty of your new color, orange sunset middle of October, opens hearts and minds in the name of a new renaissance.
      After your return, nothing will be as before. Dawn will always be more fragrant and sunsets increasingly hot.
      The next day, a friend of the tender smile, greet the night with a kiss.

      I want to speak of silences
      and sad days.
      I will speak of smiles
      and the name of Marina,
      sweet dark nights,
      dear in silence,
      musical dawn.

      Suddenly a sound,
      no slight breath;
      no, a smile and a pat …

      Dawn called,
      shouting it,
      your name, Marina,
      over the miracles of the Moon
      and the certainty of a smile.


      Good night my precious friend.


      • My dear dear Ninni – overwhelmed [once again] by the kindness and beauty of your words.
        You have my most heartfelt gratitude, appreciation and of course …smile 🙂
        Thank you, from my heart.

          • Leonid Afremov in a contemporary retelling

            Impressionism is today among the most popular paintings in the world.
            Its colors, the quick brush strokes, the revolutionary themes, broadcast and transmit still beauty, joy of life, energy and enthusiasm.

            Enjoying spatulas, knives or, instead of brushes to shape oil paints (in a digitized era like ours …), Leonid Afremov manages to create landscapes evening under the heat of the street lamps, or deserted streets and wet with rain, reflections on the water, couples who set out along the road under the umbrella; with those bright colors, from red to yellow to blue canvas spread on a rainbow of colors, of light that burst in the dark.
            So you have that effect of a spell of a poem, beauty, “joie de vivre”, the typical French taste combined with lyricism Chagall, suspended between the dreamlike and realistic.

            A little ‘as your paintings dear Marina, sweet and lyrical expression of beauty and feeling.
            How not to appreciate the warmth and the model forms in your latest work “Opal Ten”?
            Even accomplishments related alllo beautiful picture, about passion and heat.
            Love for everything surrounding the sacred space of man and everything around you.
            You’re very good, and above all, very human.

            Beauty and pride of the beautiful land of Greece, which gave birth to civilization, currently known.

            The return of the gods on Olympus.
            A hug,


  7. Our lifes sometimes get very rough and the time elapses too quickly… for us is the same! Good, is already October… lovely having news from you (hope all is OK)… Kisses and hugs :-)claudine

  8. Beautiful! Interesting that you picked natures frenzy over the cooler tones of the opal! Hope the break was all that you expected Marina. Happy Monday! 🙂

  9. Dear Marina,Opal 10 is gorgeous! I love it on the S6 products. S6 really does a great job. I’ve laundered my tights & they have come out perfect. Waiting for my “Poppies” travel mugs which should be here soon.
    So great to see you around WP again. missed you!!! xoxoxoxoxo

    • Missed you too, Resa! I’m on a slow process coming back.
      Oh, I’m so happy to hear that and can’t wait to hear your impressions on the travel mugs as well! Big big big kiss and hug!
      Have a wonderful Tuesday! 🙂 xxxxxxxxx

  10. Lovely to see you back Marina.. and Autumn is full of all of these wonderful shades within your painting dear Marina.. Opal is a wonderful Gem and so are you my friend..
    Love and Hugs.. and enjoy a wonderful week… Love Sue xx ❤

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