a musical Monday

Happy November everyone!

and Monday and new week!

The eleventh month will soon have its image [as September and October did] – but till then here’s an update on my musical side.
We’ve been uploading our full albums at You Tube.
Ovation‘ was our debut album, released in 2006.
and this is the rearranged version of my first solo album “Never & Nothing” [Pote & Tipota”] • poems by Elias Petropoulos (first released by Virgin/EMI, in 2000) rearranged and produced with Oannes and released in 2004.
Our first collaboration before becoming …MK-O!

Composed, arranged & performed by Marina Kanavaki • Poems: Elias Petropoulos • Rearranged and produced by Marina Kanavaki and Oannes

Because many of you regarded about the poems
and with my very sincere apologies to Elias [who is no longer living thus unable to scold me]
here is a translation [give or take] of his poems, except no8, translated by John Taylor.

Pote & Tipota / Never & Nothing

1. Pote & Tipota / Never & Nothing

2. Den thelo na xero… / I don’t want to know…
This is something Elias Petropoulos answered in an interview about his poems. He says:
“I don’t care to know whether these little poems published here are nice or ugly.
I do realize however that some of them may be disturbing or even terrible.
I don’t apologize to the reader. Whoever reads them, serves them right!”
It is the poet’s voice heard at the beginning of the song, reading these words.
I found it perfect as an opening to the album, so I put music to them.

3. Tha miliso… / I shall speak of… 
I shall speak of pleasant things
of the winter dew
and the grazing cows,
of the radiant full moon of January
and the babbling of the brooks.
all these came so late and backwards
so early and reversed
that I rightfully tremble.

4. Ah, Aftoi… / Ah, them…
Ah, them mediocre rebels
Ah, them who wear 3-piece suits
Ah, them who f… with their money
[it’s a Greek expression meaning that someone uses their money to mistreat or manipulate people]

5. Nomiza oti… / I thought that…
I thought that the ocean resembles
the Atlantic Ocean resembles
but it doesn’t resemble the Mediterranean
Because the ocean isn’t
the Atlantic ocean isn’t
it isn’t blue.
Because the grey ocean
the blurry Atlantic ocean
black and muddy
isn’t the Mediterranean I loved.

6. Ma, den ine periergo… / But, isn’t it odd…
But, isn’t it odd
a cynic like me
to be tortured by feelings?
Isn’t it unfair?

7. Ti gyneka… / The woman…
The woman who turns her back
let her go.
Sometimes the torment of separation
is preferable
than a presence that kills.

8. Ola ta dika sou… / Everything about you…
translated by John Taylor 

I know all your little ways.
How you look when you tell lies.
How you slice meat with a knife.
How your skin smells.
I put my head on your stomach:
your innards are grumbling.
A Woman, you love everything about her,
or nothing at all.

9. Ta piimatakia / The little poems
The little poems
resemble breadcrumbs
or maybe
they resemble gold dust
-that’s all it is.

10.  Den ipirxa / I have never been…
I have never been unhappy
I coexist in harmony
with my innate melancholy.

11. O erotas ine… / Love is…
Love is elastic passion
Love is liquid
and liquids can’t be compressed.

12. Kimame vathia… / Deeply I sleep…
I sleep deeply and dream
and I see me in a coffin.
It seems, I was killed by a car
so someone else has the criminal liability.
I wake up agitated
and open the Oneiromancer [dream decoder]
which interprets my nightmare
as imminent success in love.
[The male voice at the beginning of the song is Elias’ voice recorded on my answering machine]

13. Pragmati o piitis… / Indeed, the poet…
Indeed, the Poet is a freak of nature,
mediocrities rightfully don’t accept him
and murder him.
The Poet exists enigmatically
since the world survives through banality.
To be born a Poet is a misfortune.
Preferable are merchants and pettifoggers.

14. O simerinos erotismos… / Eroticism today…
Eroticism today
seems ordinary to her.
The Parthenon is equally banal.


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71 replies »

  1. So very beautiful! Absolutely love your solo album. Congratulations and good luck with your music Marina. Shall be sure to subscribe to your channel.

  2. Happy November to you Marina – what a way to begin this period. I really enjoyed listening to the sound, showcasing your amazing talent! And, then to go back and read the English translation to your words make the music come alive in a whole new way. it’s brilliant work my friend. Hope you have a beautiful weekend.

  3. stunning music and poetry to come back to Marina…can’t stop listening…so easy now to find you now on you tube,thank you…this is very contemporary but with so many echoes of your most ancient land and cultures…electronic sensuality…blows me away…

    • Ah, John, your words …blow me away! Thank you for your generosity of heart. It’s great to see you back, my dear friend. 🙂
      ps please excuse my slow response. My return is a …slow process.

  4. Oh Marina.. what a Treat… 🙂 Wonderful, I am listening now to you Album as I type and will continue listening as I travel around WordPress in my catch ups this evening..
    Thank you for the wonderful translations too..
    You are Amazing! you know that.. 🙂 well you are ..

    • Why didn’t I see this?!!!! Thank you so much, my dearest Sue! YOU are amazing [and then some!] Many hugs and love to you and wishes for a beautiful Monday and new week! 🙂 xxxxxxxxx

      • Thanks for translations, Marina! It is a surprise that you did this gesture! I’m interested by the lyrics because I love poetry and even I write poetry on another blog. Because of the alphabet which is different, I never had the opportunity to read a Greek poem. I know very well that poetry has its entire value, just in their native language, but your translations allows me to have a perspective. I follow your blog for several months. At this time, I noticed that you have a beautiful voice and make a quality music. Also, talent for painting and design is evident. With these qualities, should you be easy to write poetry or text for your music. However, I do not remember to having seen a poem written by you. I have been uncareless, or you do not write poetry?

        • It is true that poetry should be read in the language it was written in, this is why in most cases, poetry is translated by other poets and not rarely, by great ones too!
          As for me, I restrain myself from dealing with words and if I ever do, the words are purely utilized as sounds! 😉
          Thank you very much for your kind words and interest in my work. It is truly appreciated. 🙂

  5. Dearest… both CD you gave me when we were in Athen are a really good companion, for my writings and to keep my mood tempered (when I work part time as a HR specialist). I love your voice Marina… and you also know I can’t live without music.
    Happy November to you too and we still wait to see you here 😉

    • Yes, I do know you can’t live without music and you’ve got two golden musical talents in your family! Thank you so much for your beautiful words. You know how much they mean to me.
      Happy November to you and your beautiful family – I hope to see you again soon! 🙂 xxxxxx

  6. Happy November!!!! I hope to listen to your solo album in its entirety sometime day … and I imagine I will enjoy it. …. PS: A new musical announcement very soon … and the preview announcement is out for those who know where to look.

  7. Amazingly talented and gifted artist you’re Marina! Thanks for this wonderful post and for starting on such a lovely note the month of November! Wishing you as well a happy and most creative November! xoxo~Eva

  8. I’ve listened to a quarter so far! Amazing, Marina! You are so very talented. I look forward to finishing listening to Ovation, and to hearing the new one.
    Cheers! xoxo

    • Resa, my dear friend, thank you so much! The second one goes way back [2004 – which is a rearranged version of my 2000 debut, solo album]. I’d love to hear your thoughts! 🙂 hugs and can’t wait to see your new masterpiece! 🙂 xxxxxx

        • Awww… thank you so much, Resa, for this gesture! An honor hearing that from such a brilliant musician! I am also looking forward to sharing our music with him! Please let me know if there’s anything I can do. 🙂 big hug!

  9. Congratulations, Marina. 🙂 I have been listening to your music for some time now…
    Your music and voice reminds me so much of something daunting and chilling, but in a good kind of chilling. The music is way ahead of its time…and I really respect of what you’re doing with your music and voice. Pure gold and Genius you and your husband. 🙂

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