character #19

Character #19

Technique: Ink & Gouache on paper

Original size: 13x23cm

from M.K. solo exhibition in 1999 at Epohes Gallery: “CHARACTERS”


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    • I don’t usually think too much before painting. I try to “copy” the image [of the face in this case] in my brain, best I can! I’m so glad you like it! Thank you!!!!

  1. When I just now saw this in my inbox I said, “Ooh! Another character!” 🙂 This one has a face within the face. A whole second portrait really. Very cool!

  2. Beautifulllllllllllllllllllllll Marina – at the bottom
    i see a mermaid swimming
    she is swimming to the left
    with her hair flowing upwards …..
    and she is lifting everything UPWARDS 🙂
    love love love this one 🙂

    • They do, don’t they?! And what’s even stranger is that when I drew those, I had a very very precise image in my mind and abstraction after abstraction… well this! Thank you Isadora.

  3. Five stars on this. Really beautiful expressive work.
    It works on multiple levels it’s a ideogram and a portrait depending on ones perception. And there is also an abstract element of story to this image.
    I love this one. Looks like someone I would like to meet to hear there story. Keep up the inspired and inspiring work. 🙂

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