Pitbull Awareness Day 2020

Yes, it’s that time of year!

Pitbull Awareness Day,

or… Hera Day!

A day to think about those misunderstood beings who are so loyal that would put themselves in harm’s way just to protect or obey us. Hence they are the chosen breed for the horrible ‘sport’ of dogfight. A dog which was ‘created’ as a ‘Nanny Dog’!

Copying from The National Pitbull Awareness Day for some history on how and why this day was created:

In 2007, National Pit Bull Awareness Day was created to help raise awareness on the truth about Pit Bulls. For nearly 100 years, these four-legged friends were considered “Nanny Dogs,” because they were so loyal, docile, and loving that parents would often leave their babies or toddlers with their pit bulls while they ran to the store.  Over the decades, pitties have unfortunately garnered a reputation as being ferocious, malicious, and dangerous beasts. An image far from the truth and based on the actions of maligned humans, not the animals themselves.  Pit bulls were born out of a mixture of a bulldog and a terrier in England in the 18th century, partly to help with much-needed rodent and vermin regulation from the Industrial Revolution, but also because dog fighting was, unfortunately, popular at the time. That being said, as the now-extinct Bull and Terrier breed evolved into the American Staffordshire Pit Bull we now know and love, these pups were always considered affectionate, loyal, and great family dogs by breeders and owners alike. 


As I always say: …it’s not the breed, it’s the owner, so enough with blaming Pitbulls [Rottweilers, Bull Terriers, Dobermans…] Whenever you hear about a dog attack, check the owner first !



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Domenico Scarlatti

Okay… so what is Domenico Scarlatti doing in a post about pities? Was he a pitbull owner? No, he wasn’t, however he loved animals. His cat Pulcinella, inspired him after she landed on his piano, to write the ‘Cat’s Fugue’ in G minor, K30! But, there’s one more reason: it’s his birthday today! So enjoy Vladimir Horowitz playing Sonata in E Major L23, Sonata in B Minor L33 & Sonata in G Major, K 55 (L 335).

Of course, Oannes did a brilliant post about him earlier today.

Check it out here: DOMENICO SCARLATTI : 4 SONATAS performed by MIKHAIL PLETNEV


…and I leave you with the innocent look of a pup who’s just gutted one of her toys! 😉


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  1. I did the same as Dale, I opened the music to browse to, it is so wonderful. Hera makes my heart melt, we do love our precious pets, they love us so unconditionally as well. Sending ear rubs to that sweet pup! xoxoxox

  2. I had to open this twice so I could keep the Scarlatti playing while reading and commenting… And I want to listen to there rest which I can’t do once I press “post comment”!

    Hera is a beautiful girl. Oh my goodness, those eyes. How could anyone be afraid of such a beautiful face with such gentle eyes? Yes, owners are always to be blamed in all the ugly scenarios…

  3. Hera is the most beautiful girl!
    What would we do without her!
    I agree about the owner. I’ve seen some odd …stuff.


  4. Hera looks so adorable. Pitbulls have unfortunately got a bad rap because of not being treated well and trained properly. When we go for our walk, I’m quite nervous when passing a certain house which has a pit bull, as it always hurls itself against the front window. I’ve see it out with its owner and it’s always straining at the leash as if it would like to attack.

    • They do have a very bad reputation, unjustly. They are one of the very few types of dogs that totally reflect on their owner’s character and how they are treated or trained. They are so loyal … even to bad peoe who mistreat them and train them for dogfights, where they will either be seriously injured or shot if they don’t ‘perform’!

  5. Now that’s cool that I share a birthday with Scarlatti. Happy Pitbull awareness day Hera! Hera is adorable, and the drawing is fabulous. What a great expression.

    • She really is a poser and has the most innocent look after destroying something (fortunately just her toys!)
      Pat, rub and treat taken and returned in tail wags and hugs! Yamas! 🙏🐾

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